festival executer / buttons setup? templates? ideas?

  • Hi

    Any templates or ideas on how to prepare the Executer for a festival, or for a concert night where 3-6 bands play?

    So many different lamps with maximum flexibility for the LJ.



  • Assign sequence in layout view. Thats what im doing now cause there is no direct action pool like on Ma2.

    And i use the new Recipes to adjust multiple lamps live on the go. So 1 only have 1 sequence list that i can adjust to my needs.

  • Hi, there are a lot of different philosiphies for festivals.
    I always prever working with "less is more", that means, only programing what I can memorize easily. For example: Faders with intensity for lightgroups, and then a a second cue for each fader with intensity chase. Another fader with a colordesign, maybee five or six cues warm to cold design, another fader with 6-8 potitions configures as a crossfader, buttons for prism and strobe etc.
    I wrote a nice 8h video course about busking with a lot of different ideas. Maybee it could be interesting.


    Another concept is to prepare a page thinking as a musician: Fader 1 Intro, Fader 2 Vers, Fader 3 Chorus, Fader 4 Bridge, Fader 5 Solo etc.... and then prepare a lot of pages for differend moods/styles.

    Have fun, Marc

  • Thank you very much for the answers. That sounds very interesting. I'm just getting acquainted with my new gMA3 onpc Comand Wing, learning the new software and was just wondering how to implement a sensible split for a completely flexible show. I also think that you have to work with cue lists, master speeds etc a lot. Distributed over several pages. I will try out some things. guiri: I have seen your course, that could certainly be interesting for me again. Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Hamburg germany