Can't make a Phaser From All presets

  • Is it me or can you only make phasers from presets that contain only 1 type of attribute.

    Cause when i try to make a phaser with all presets. It just stays at step 1it won't make a step 2.

    If i do it with color preset it works fine.

    but i also want to include other attributes so i can make complexer bumps.

    Is this a bug or just not implemented yet?

  • yup select odd group integrate 21.100 that is step 1 fine.

    second step

    even group integrate 21.100 step 2

    then i expect odd/even alternate between value in the preset.

    But step 1 stays frozen and step 2 goes on and off between none and preset value.

    Just want to make simple odd/even phaser containing 1 preset.

  • Try telling the odd fixtures to do something else in the second step.

    Here is an over simplified example.

    This causes fixture 2 blink as you are seeing:

    Fixture 1 At Full

    Next Step

    Fixture 2 At full

    This causes 1 and 2 to alternate:

    Fixture 1 At Full

    Next Step

    Fixture 2 At Full

    Fixture 1 At 0

  • Another Question when i use presets in phasers,

    And i update the presets used in that phaser.

    The phaser doesn't get updated right, because it makes complete new preset phaser.

    So there is not really i way to make Colorfx phaser that i can update with presets live? Other then manual bumping using presets in sequence.