• Good evening,

    I'm just starting to deal with Dot2 and have played a little with the program and made myself familiar with everything. At some point, I came up with the topic of timecode, first of all, I have absolutely no idea + experience with it, so I'm sorry if my question sounds a bit strange, but is it possible to have a midi input via your own PC without a mess of cables and without a to get an extra device? If so, which programs do I need?


  • e.g. Reaper

    SMPTE Player

    And setup for Reaper, (video is for MA GM2, but setup for Reaper is the same). And additional settings for Dot2 (apart from those from tips & tricks video): TOOLS - MIDI CONFIGURATION - MIDI IN - here you have to choose the name of the virtual midi port that you created in loopMIDI (e.g. as in the video below - MA2 MidiLoop).

    have fun