GDTF Fixture stopped working in 3D at 1.4

  • Hi,

    I' using a gma3 Light CRV in an installation. We made our own gdtfs for our basic fixtures and after a lot of work, everything worked just as it should. However, we've got problems after updating to with one of our Fixtures:…BAR%20650%20CPRO&rev=8639

    We are using the 30-Ch Mode of these Cameo Pixbar 650 C pro. It works fine in real life, it works fine on layout view. However, it won't work in 3D view of gma3 Strangely, it used to work in 1.3.1 before just fine.

    Can someone look at my GDTF to see if I got anything wrong there?

    What irritates me is that my other multicell fixtures do work just fine RL and 3D and I created them with similar structure and values in GDTF creator.


  • MHumann

    Changed the title of the thread from “GDTF Fiyture stopped working in 3D at 1.4” to “GDTF Fixture stopped working in 3D at 1.4”.