Connection of MA Dot2 with Enttec open DMX USB

  • Hi, I have a question regarding the connection of MA Dot2 with Enttec open DMX USB. Until now I tried to connect it through Art-Net to DMX from FreeStyler, but after a while of using it, Art-net suddenly crashes and the software has to be restarted. I even tried it on different PC devices and the same thing happens everywhere, so I’m looking for a software, with which I could connect MA Dot2 to Enttec open DMX USB. It would be awesome if you had a link of a connection tutorial. I tried looking for it, but I didn’t find anything helpful. Thank you very much.

  • Why are you not just buy an Art-Net node?

    When i search for them in google shopping i find nodes in ranges between 80€ (70 GBP, 98 USD) and 400€.

    I use sometimes the 8 port node "Eurolite Art-Net-DMX Node 8 MK2" in the upper price range.

    Don't forget dot2 only support one universe of output for free, so a 1 port node does also the job.

    With any piece of hardware you do not have to mess around with many software, which will result in a more stable show.

  • I am serving a node on rj45. Truth. But ... If you just want to check if this program suits you, use what you currently have or buy the cheapest possible node (20-25 euro);). There are also very young people here who do not necessarily want / can immediately invest in equipment. Besides, many modern laptops no longer have rj45 so you need an adapter or router that is easy to forget:) ...
    So everybody uses what they have when it is possible ...

    For example, midi consoles to control, with additional heavy software necessary, just to make it easier to use 512 channels. Greetings...