Speed Master stops Working

  • Hi Lighting Friends!

    My beloved Speedmasters, which I use to control Phaser-Speeds on my ExecutorFader with, worked flawlessly in the beginning but stopped woking after 1-2 Days.

    I am working on MA3 onPC with CommandWing on Mac Vers.

    When changing the Speed Master in the Sequence Settings from eg. Speed1 to Speed2, it works again with Speed 2 for a couple of days but then the same problem comes up again.

    And now Speed1 AND Speed2 don't work any more :'-(

    So if I continue disrupting my Speedmasters there won't be much left very soon...

    Any ideas what this could be and how I can fix it?

    Sunny wishes to everybody from Hamburg!


  • Okay!!! You are incredably good! That was on point correct!!! :thumbsup: (and damn quick as well)

    How should one know that a Speedmaster can be off without knowing of this feature :D ... but now I know thanks to you!

    Thank you so much guys!