Error when trying to create a Groupmaster in 1.4 OnPc (Windows)

  • Hey there,

    i tried to assign a group to an executor and the error message says: "illegal object: Assign Group 1 At Page 1.203".
    Is there a change with the assign structure in Ver. 1.4 i missed? Works fine in Ver. 1.3.

    It's the same when choosing the group via the executor object menu.

    Greetings, Fabian :)

  • this seems to be a Windows only bug.

    plausible workarounds:

    1. Assign the GroupMasters on a non-Windows system, then load show on Windows computer

    (loading a show with already assigned groupmasters seems to work)

    2. Use Virtual Group-Masters

    - Swipey>EditOptions>Mode

    set mastervalue via the EditOptions' onscreen fader,

    or by selecting the group via Select keyword, and using a fader with the Master "Selected"."Master"

    or via commandline: FaderMaster Group xx At yy

    3. Use WorldMasters instead of GroupMasters

  • FabianZ

    Changed the title of the thread from “Error when trying to create a Groupmaster in 1.4” to “Error when trying to create a Groupmaster in 1.4 OnPc (Windows)”.
  • seems that it is possible to bypass this error by assigning the group-object via Lua, instead of commandline or GUI.

    Paste the text below into commandline or in a Macroline for later, and use whenever you need to assign a groupmaster to an executor on a windows machine running

    Lua "local gIdx,eIdx=tonumber(TextInput('groupnumber?')),tonumber(TextInput('ExecutorNumber?'));Cmd('As Gr %i A Ex %i',gIdx,eIdx);GetExecutor(eIdx).Object=DataPool().Groups[gIdx]" 

  • Hm, as I tried the Groupmasters with the mentioned workaround it seems to me, that the GM doesn't work for Fixtures with virtual Dimmers. I tried this with a simple LED Bar (after trying with another Fixture) with 12 RGB Pixels and the GM has no influence in 3D. I don't know how it looks like in "real life"... But in 3D, nothing happens to the (virtual) intensity...

    I'm a switcher from Chamsys-System to MA3. Having a MA3-Wing and 2K onPC-Node.