Stack Cue with multiple bump styles

  • I guess its not implemented yet.

    But i want Cue 1 and 2 to be odd even bump, where cue 2 refers again to cue 1.

    And want cue 3 / 4 / 5 to be my 3 part. Where cue 5 refers to cue 3 again.

    Cause Cmd line seems not to work so i can link cues within a cuelist.

    i want to manual tap this cue list

  • Cmd does work, provided you enable it from the sequence settings, it is disabled by default I believe.

    As for what you are looking to do, I'm not sure how you get to cue 3 if cue 2 loops back to cue 1, but you could enter a command like Load Seq 1 Cue 1 in cue 2 to loop back to cue 1 on the next go, but you will need some way to get out of that loop. Not sure if that is what you are looking to do though.

  • It works now i can trigger different part within this cuelist with just simple macro that says Go seg (num) Cue (num).

    So i can choose my manual colorbumps by macro in varations by 2p / 3p / All / 4p so on.