Working with the Selection Grid

  • to anyone not familiar with how to import plugins:

    1. Download and extract the attachment in initial post,

    2. Save a show to your USB stick to create the grandMA3 folder structure on your USB-stick

    3. Copy the extracted GridTools_v1x4.xml and GridTools_v1x4.lua file into the plugin library folder on you USB-stick:
    4. Open a Plugin Window on you grandMA3 and Edit an empty plugin slot/tile
    5. Press Import, change drive from Internal to your USB-stick. and select GridTools_v1x4.xml
    6. Press Export, and Export again, if you want the plugin to reside in your internal drive, so it is easy to import into other showfiles
    7. Close Plugin-editor, and call the plugin whenever you need to rearrange gridpositions of your current selection.

    Edited once, last by Andreas: changed description of filenames to reflect the names of the new version ().

  • My original script used the Lua functions CreateUndo() and CloseUndo() to group all commandline actions the script made, into one Oops press.

    This approach (for some reason) doesn't work as expected in v1.4 and created an error when trying to oops the changes the script made to your selection

    The new script works around this issue by instead excluding the individual grid and selection actions from creating entries in the Oops list at all, by using the commandline option /NoUndo

  • Beware of using the old GridTools in 1.4 Shows: MATricks will break in this particular show.

    After the update I first used it like before and didn't notice oops made an error causing MATrick to basically crash. And of course, I noticed that hours after the mistake with every backup already overwritten.

    I contacted support and hope they can fix the show...

  • please try this to restore the MAtricks properties of your Selection 1 object in your showfile:

    1. Press the now non-labelled MAtricks button above Encoder5

    2. Change “ActiveSel” from 1 to 2

    3. Press “Copy Sel”

    4. Change “ActiveSel” from 2 to 1