• Hello, I would like to be able to read solutions to problem/questions on this thread and know that the answers given are correct. I read through a bunch of threads and all seemed to be answered by people with the designation of "student".... how do I know if the information is correct if no one from MA is confirming this???



  • There are many workers from MALighting answering questions in this forum.
    You may know Daniel from MA's youtube channel, he answers alot of questions, he has the username DanielK and have a 'Moderator' bagde under his name highligted in blue.
    Look for 'Moderator' or 'Admin' under peoples usernames.

  • Beginner/Student/Intermediate simply refers to the number of posts/points the user has, Student is an unfortunate term since since there are some "Students" who are Masters on the forms.

    Typically if someone makes a mistake an Admin or Mods will pipe up with a correction, however there are a number of names that actually work for MA or a distributor that have the same designation as normal users.

    If its a question you don't want to trust to the forums give your Distributor a call and I'm sure you can get a answer using that avenue.

  • Absolutely agree. This forum is a fantastic office resource.
    But us distributors also love it if you flag any pressing concerns with us so that we can ensure we get you what you need as quickly as possible.
    It’s great to have a direct personal connection between those selling the products and the people buying and using them. Even if you are not a direct purchasing customer, distributors love to hear from you.