Problem with Phasers

  • Hi all!

    I'm trying to create a "Fly out" effect as described in this video at 9:00 (

    ) but I'm running into problems. I'm using a grandMA3 compact with software version 1.202.

    The first problem is that in the phaser windows 1D wiew, the little dot that is moving is only moving up and down on the Y-axis. Not on both Y and X axis as they are in the video at 9:37. I don't understand why.

    Second problem is that when I set the transision on the dimmer, as in 9:57, the lamp on and lamp off is no longer in sync with the steps. If the fixtures happen to be in between step 1 & 2 when I hit Please that is where the lamp on executes and lamp off will execut when the fixture is on its way back, between 2 & 1.

    I made a small video to visualize the problem, you can watch it here:

    I'm following the exact same steps as in the first video I linked, yet the result is different.

    Any thoughts on whats happening?

  • You're looking at the phase in the 2d part of the phaser editor (the sinus symbol in the tool bar on the left is activated). Change to a different function in order to see the values again.

    In addition, you disabled Tilt: The checkbox in front of the tilt timeline in the center of the window is disabled.

    When you change the transition of the dimmer, you have to adjust the transition of pan/tilt also.

  • I still dont understand. I made another video that shows more exactly what I do. Im sorry for the bad quality :)

    I very much appreciate the help! Which step am I doing wrong?