Bug on MA ONPC (windows)

  • Hey all I installed the new, and I think there is a big issue.

    After I go through and configure all my Art-Net settings and save, the settings do not recall as I set them. It doesn't matter if I turn on setup mode or not, nothing saves...

    Also, under nodes all the options to delete, cut, copy, etc are greyed out, not matter what I do. I didn't have this issue with the older version, so Ive dumped and reinstalled the older version (

    I asked a few others on a facebook forum and they confirmed the issue as well. Where can I submit a bug report. This is a big issue for us as we only use artnet...

  • You should explain that to the support. And You will find them via the MA Homepage.

    I'm a MA Newbie! I switch over from the loved Chamsys-System to MA3.