Control of B.O. and Master Fader via CMD?

  • Does anyone know what command line statement will trigger blackout? Also looking for the command(s) to control the master fader/dimmer.

    I want to program these on my MIDI controller and can't seem to find the commands in the manual. They also don't seem to generate any cmd line output when used in the application so i'm a bit stumped!

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  • Post by linoriester ().

    This post was deleted by the author themselves ().
  • Ok, so this is another massive workaround sadly but here is my Idea:

    You can store a group master which acts the same as a Brightness master but only for that group. If you create a group with all of your fixtures and then control that using your Midi device. Sorry for the misinformation earlier but hope this works at least.

  • That's still a great idea, Lino, thanks for the tip! I'll give this a go and then I can do something like your suggestion to manually set that executor to 0 to act as a blackout. I just tested this and believe it should meet my rather humble needs. Not trying to get too fancy here, I respect that I'm not working with ma2 or ma3 onPC ;)

    Thanks for the help!!