MA3 Parameter count method - all or only patched?

  • Just a quick question I could not really find an anwer to (although I suspect what it is, but wanted to make sure).

    Does MA count all fixtures in the show for the parameter count. or only those who are patched? I ask because I have a bunch of dummy fixtures and plan to replace them with the actual lights I am using, but leave the rest in place as not to mess up the spacing. With all the dummy lights I am running close to the limit of the console I have acces to :D.

  • You can patch more parameters than you have unlocked.

    The parameters that can be output are counted from the first universe onwards.

    This means: Unpatched fixtures are counted to the total parameters but do not count against your license.

    Furthermore, fixtures patched to higher universes may not be outputted, because their parameters exceed the licensed parameters. (Therefore, you can decide with the granted property in the DMX Universes if this universe shall be counted for the license or not.)