• Hi,

    why it is not possible to create a Groupfixture with subfixtures?

    For Example: all Bases of X4-Bar or all first pixel.

    another question. If i Type „Fixture 401 thru 410“ then only the Base is selected if I type „Fixture 401.1 thru 401.10“ then illegal syntax.

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  • if I Type „401 thru 410“ in Fixturesheet the Fixtures r selected but when I open the Tree-Strukture the Subfixtures not selected.

  • Hi BF, not sure if this will help you or not, but this is the way I use on MA3 to selected the sub-fixture for now.

    First select the main fixture (fixture 101 thru 110)

    Then press the "down" key, so it will select all the sub-fixture (sub-fixture 101.1>101.3 thru 110.1>110.3 if the fixture with 3 sub-fixture)

    Press and hold the "set" key ('Q' for onpc) and press "next" key to select the individual sub-fixture (sub-fixture 101.1>110.1)

    synx text = Can use "+" to select more then 1 sub-fixture (like fixture 101.1 + 102.2...etc) for the moment but "thru" not working for now.

    The sub-fixture will follow the main fixture on the select grid, so just need to select the main fixture to create the group base on the select grid.

    Hope it will help and enjoy your programming.