Fixture Builder Tutorials

  • Hey everybody,

    I've made a short tutorial video which explains the basic things about the use of the MA Fixture Builder:

    In part two I will show you, how you can import the fixture type into the console or the onPC. Furthermore I will explain the difference between XML and XMLP files.

    Stay tuned! :D

    PS: You can download the Fixture Builder (for MAC and Windows) here! :)

  • Moin Moin!

    Ich habe die Tutorials für den Fixture Builder auch noch mal in deutsch gemacht. :-)

    Im ersten Video geht es um die Basisfunktionen.

    Im zweiten Tutorialvideo geht es dann um den Import in die dot2, die grandMA2 oder den Fixture Builder. Außerdem erkläre ich den Unterschied zwischen XML und XMLP Dateien.

    Viel Spaß beim gucken und ausprobieren,

  • Love the tutorials, will definitely help me out in the near future!

    I have a question! On video Fixture Builder 01, at about 4:23 it's mentioned that you need to know that RGBColor 15 is UV. Is there a list somewhere so we can know which functions are which colors and any of the other weird parameters that should be "just known", but aren't but us amateur fixture profile builders?

    COLORRGB4 Amber
    COLORRGB5 White
    COLORRGB6 Warm White
    COLORRGB7 Cool White
    COLORRGB8 Orange
    COLORRGB9 Red Orange
    COLORRGB10 Purple
    COLORRGB11 Indigo
    COLORRGB12 Cyan
    COLORRGB13 Magenta
    COLORRGB14 Yellow
    COLORRGB16 Green Cyan
    COLORRGB17 Medium White
    COLORRGB18 Mint Green
    COLORRGB19 Lime

    (List PresetType "Color"."ColorRGB".*)

  • Super tutorial.

    A question that might be in the wrong place, but one can at least try :)

    I have a number of multi-part fixtures (Leader Light STAGE 6-06D W) which has six white lamps with one dimmer for each (6 DMX-channels)
    As it seems in the software, one can only have one dimmer, and there's no way to add a multi-part fixture. Are there ways around this, or do I have to put a request to the guys at MA?

    Trying out the dot on PC before buying "the real thing"


  • hello,

    I was making fixture for stairville led bar 252, did that in hurry, as I needed it badly.
    It has 11 channels, where first is mode(dimmer), second shutter, and then next channels are just colors, but it has 3 segments - red1,green1,blue1,red2.... and so on.
    In dot2, red2 is showing as amber, is there chance to fix this so it would be red not amber, and for other colors as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I guess it would be easy to make fixture with 1 dimmer channel, where is all mode alaviable which fixture supports, and then add just bunch regular RGB fixtures, to make all effects work and so on. Makes harder to patch but should be okey. thanks.

  • Hallo Zusammen,
    Hey everybody,

    in der letzten Zeit haben uns viele Anfragen zu Multi-Instanz Fixtures und dem Fixture Builder erreicht.
    Daher hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung was man beachten muss. :thumbup:

    in the last couple of days we got a lot of questions about Multi-Instance Fixtures and how to create them with the Fixture Builder.
    Therefore I've written a little summary of what you need to know. :thumbup:

    Erstmal ein kleiner Überblick über die Programm-Oberfläche:
    First of all a littel overview about the program surface:

    Die Programm-Oberfläche ist in vier Teile eingeteilt.
    The program surface is divided into four areas.

    • Fixture Type Information:
      Hier können Basis Informationen über den Fixture Type und dessen Module eingegeben werden.
      Type basic information referred to the fixture type and modules.
    • Channel Function Ranges:
      Hinzufügen oder löschen von Funktionsbereichen und Sub-Attributen.
      Add and delete functions ranges of subattributes.
    • Function Sets:
      Hinzufügen oder löschen von speziellen Funktionen der Sub-Attribute
      Add and delete specific functions of subattributes.
    • Attributes:
      Hinzufügen oder löschen der Funktion der einzelnen DMX Kanäle.
      Add and delete purpose of DMX channels.

    So werden die Fixture Types dann angelegt:
    This is how you create the Fixture Types:

    Unter "Modules" werden alle Notwendingen Unterteilungen des Fixtures angelegt. Besteht ein Fixture z.B. aus Grundfunktionen wie PAN/TilT, Dimmer und Shutter, sowie mehreren einzelnen LED Pixeln, dann werden die Grundfunktionen in einem Modul (Main Module) angelegt und die LED Pixel in einem zweiten (RGBW Cluster).

    In the "Modules" area you can create all necessary subdivisions of the fixture. For example, if a fixture consists of basic functions such as PAN/TilT, Dimmer and Shutter as well as several individual LED pixels, the basic functions are created in one module (Main Module) and the LED pixels in a second one (RGBW Cluster).

    Im "Module and Instance Manager", der über den Button "Instances" geöffnet werden kann, muss definiert werden welches Modul wie oft und an welcher Stelle im Fixture Type verwendet werden soll. Desweiteren muss das Patch angegeben werden. Über die Parameter X,Y und Z lässt sich dann noch die individuelle Position festlegene.

    In the" Module and Instance Manager", which can be opened via the button "Instances", you have to define which module should be used how often and at which position in the fixture type. The patch should be specified as well. The parameters X, Y and Z can be used to define the individual position.

    Zusammengefasst bedeutet das, dass man einfach die Funktionen der Lampe in logische Module unterteilt und dann so viele Instanzen der einzelnen Module anlegt wie man benötigt um die Kanalreihenfolge des Fixtures abzubilden.

    In short, this means that you simply divide the functions of the lamp into logical modules and then create as many instances of the individual modules as you need to represent the patch of the fixture.

    Ich hoffe meine kleine Beschreibung hilft euch weiter! :)
    Solltet ihr Fragen haben meldet euch wie immer gerne per Mail bei uns:

    I hope my little discription is helpful for you! :)
    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via mail: