Select and option for only one Macro Line

  • Hey,

    I was wondering how I only can change an option of one command line in the Macro without change destination.

    so you can easily change the otion for many Macros at the same time.:/

    I tryed:

    Set Macro 25 thru 28 "Enabled" "No"

    which worked, but on every line in the Macros:(

  • You can use Macro x.y to set options for line y of macro x.

    To access specific lines of multiple macros, use consistent labeling of macros and macrolines, and access them via name and wildcard (*)

    e.g. macro-names:

    Green CM

    Blue CM

    e.g. macroline-names:



    Set Macro "*CM"."MyOptionalLineA" "Enabled" "No"

    Set Macro "*CM"."MyOptionalLineB" "Enabled" "Yes"

    using names rather than number, preserves functionality even when moving macros, or inserting or deleting lines.