• Hi Hive Mind,

    I can see in the _G of the LUA API that there are some commands called, Getvar, Delvar and Setvar.

    What is the syntax to set / use these commands?

    i thought it could be Setvar("variable", value) but that doesn't work.

    thanks a lot for the help.

  • These functions requires you to pass a pointer to the variable collection in question, as first argument.

    e.g current user


    e.g. userprofile "Default"

    SetVar(ShowData().UserProfiles['Default'].Variables, 'manufacturer','Cyberdyne')

    e.g. globalvars

    SetVar(GlobalVars(),'mission','World domination')

    remember that Lua is case sensitive, your example Setvar would not work no matter what arguments you try to pass.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your super answer Andreas, it helped me a lot making some steps.

    i was just wondering because of your answer if it is possible to use our local lua variables to set the global or user variables in the desk. I can't seem to escape the , (comma) that is in the Setvar command.

    example: string.format("SetVar(GlobalVars(),'%s','%s'", var1, var2)

    and var1 and var2 would be created in a table or array or other way inside the LUA plugin.

    thank you for your help so far.

  • Not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but maybe the plugin example below can get you going..

    return function()

    local mytable = {question = 'Not sure', answer = 42}

    local vars = GlobalVars()

    for key,value in pairs(mytable) do

    SetVar(vars, key, value)


    Cmd('GetGlobalVar *')