Dimmer's and Faders sometimes won't fade on cue

  • Hello Everyone

    I am currently new to the dot2 program and have been using the helpful guide on the main website to understand most of the functions, however I have reached a point where I can not find the solution to my problem. When I try to fade between two cues with parcans that are changing between colours, the parcans will snap to the next dimmer percentage but fade to the next colour. I can't find anything on this problem or if it's even a problem but any help and fixes will be appreciated.

    I have attached some uploads of before and after, when the parcans have the green percentage underneath them this is when they snap.

    Thank you for your help

  • Hi Justanotherdudeguy,

    welcome to the dot2 software!

    There can be several reasons why this happens.

    Therefore, it would be helpful if we could have a look into your show file to investigate further:

    Pls send it to: tech.support@malighting.com inkl. a short description about when this happens- as you state "sometimes" it doesn´t work.


    Michael "Qincy" Strathmann