Possibility to play audio with timecode

  • Hi.
    is it already possible to start an audiotrack in the Timecode line?
    If yes. Where do have to copy it to import?

    Which formats would be supported.

    In OnOC Grandma 1 we were able to use a cd to play as Timecode. It was nice for pre programming

  • I hope this idea is implemented soon as that was one of the functions I sacrificed when switching to MA.

    Working with the waveform of the audio visible in the Timecode window is a huge advantage when adjusting the timing.

    If that's not part of the plan please add it :-)

  • It's a great Idea. Hope this will Implemented soon. 8o

    Until then I will continue to use Reaper Software and my USB Midi Interface. Works quite well too


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  • Yes! Plus another One for that!

    An englisch manufacturer did it for WinAmp before and now supports WAV directly from the console (but not really TC then - except you use their MediaSoftware...).

    But maybe using Reaper with Showcockpit could be a solution so far. But i didn't play with it...

    I'm a MA Newbie! I switch over from the loved Chamsys-System to MA3.

  • I use an external TC source and just split the audio signal L and R - left being TC and RIght being audio track. We use Reaper and it works great for this, PLUS it can generate TC files for you....

    Yes that is the way we have to do it at the moment (or with Midi TC as I use). This is a suggestion for improvement.
    With internal playback we would not need the external computer, and more importantly we could have the waveform available for timing reference and maybe even scrub the audio.
    LSC and ChamSys consoles have this feature.