Dot2 3d pan/tilt speed

  • I do not believe you can edit this value in the Fixture Builder. You can edit this in a copy of the profile in MA2 onPC or an .XML editor/IDE. The value to edit is, "Minimum 3D Time", last column of the subattribute needing editing[PAN/TILT] inside the console-Patch.

    If you edit the .XML in an IDE, you will need to add the assignment statement ' phystime="N" ' where N= some integer between 0.0 and 10,000 after the "phys from/to" assignments. This assignment affects the 3D model. An example appears below of a PAN having a 25 second travel speed:

    1. <ChannelFunction index="0" from="270" to="-270" min_dmx_24="0" max_dmx_24="16777215" physfrom="270" physto="-270" phystime="25" subattribute="PAN" subattribute_user_name="Pan" attribute="PAN" attribute_user_name="Pan" feature="POSITION" feature_user_name="Position" preset="POSITION" preset_user_name="Position">

    Notice the ' phystime="25" ', this would cause the PAN attribute to take 25 seconds to travel the entire range of rotation values you supply for the fixture in physfrom/physto.