Effect Color - Choose 2 Colors

  • Hi,

    Can you help me ? :)

    First sorry for my english.

    I want to make a chase between two color red and yellow for example.

    With 2 Color Soft and 2 Color Hard I can select a color and the other is always white.
    With Colorwhelle 2 it's the same.

    Is this normal or is it possible you to choose both color and not only one ?
    What I done now is to do it myself, but I would have liked to use the effect generator

    Thank you for reading

  • It's very easy. Select your fixtures and run a color effect like "2 Color Soft".
    In the upper right corner of the Effect window you can find a "Low value" and "High value" tab.
    Press "Low value" and select a color from the color picker or a preset. Do the same for"High value" but with a different color. That's it.