Artnet Settings

  • Thanks for the new software with some really helpful improvements!
    One question.
    When will it be possible to change Artnet settings like Universe or Subnet? I'm aware of the output limitations but it would be very useful to set the Artnet or sACN Ports by the user.

  • Dear Go-Button,

    this function will be most likely not part of the dot2 software. Yes we want networking, but as simple as possible - and the status of today is very simple: you switch Artnet on and everything will work fine (if your nodes are configured correctly).

    If you are working on larger scaled systems, where it is necessary to configure the network, you need a grandMA2 which provides all the features already today!

    However we also know, that we need a way to make the different possible IP addresses of Artnet selectable in a GUI. In this direction, something will happen in the future...

    Stay tuned!

  • Thanks. The IP setting is important but wasn't my main problem.
    I was working in a theater with in-house network.
    They use artnet 0:0 to 0:12 for changing stage scenarios and artnet 0:13 for houselights.
    I used less than 2000 Channels so I had enough parameters left but was unable to control the houselights because of the fixed artnet universes in dot2.
    I would really need to change this settings.
    Why not add a "reset artnet settings to default" button in the network tab (for user without experiences) but let the user decide which artnet universe he wants to put out? Same for sACN.

    About the artnet IP address it would be enough (for me) to choose between a fixed 2.x.x.x or a 10.x.x.x address range.

    I think I'm not the only one with this request.

  • The command setip shows the ip addresses from the network adapter in the command line view.
    Eth0 is used from sACN,
    Eth0:1 is used from Art-net.
    With the command setip eth0 192.168.0.x you can change this sACN address.
    With the command setip eth0:1 10.x.y.z you can change this art-net address.
    At this time it is not enough to restart the console. You must switch them off, and on again to have the new id´s.

  • I personally think changing the output of art net universes is beyond what the dot2 is designed for. We have Pathport nodes in our art net setup. So I can immediately change the universes on the fly using the Pathport manager on the PC where our dot2 onPC resides. And our XL-F with button wing desk console immediately recognizes it.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio