Map Effect size to fader control?

  • Hi Guys,

    My first post! So sorry if this is a silly question! :) I am learning MA Dot 2 on PC to use on a small lighting rig in a high school performance space. We have only 5 generic RGB LED Cans, and 2 movers. I also teach a class which is learning MADot2onPC, Dot23D and Resolume for live performance.

    I have hit a problem - I want to be able to make buskable show files, where I can control effect properties with an executor fader. ie if I put the fader up on the executor, I want the movement of the heads to change, or the intensity / brightness of a colour effect to increase or something like that.

    I have had a little bit of experience on a Hog desk, and it was mapped so you could toggle through moving light effects, and increase the intensity of the effect with the slider. I guess once I know how to map control of a property from any fixture to a fader I'll be doing ok :)

    Hope you can help!

    Kind Regards from Australia,


  • Hi,
    when you save...dimmer effect to an executor and set the executor as Tempfader in its options, raising up the fader should control intensity of the effect. Same with pan/tilt.
    Option: If there are ...dimmer and rgb and p/t effects saved on one executor, try save another exec. with only Stomp...for rgb..., set it also as Tempfader and raising it up should influence (stomp) only rgb from your first one.