Few questions about: at, presets, and channel track

  • First of all hello to everybody and sorry for my english.....
    I have few question, but really important, because I'm not able to do some basic things....
    First of all: at command.
    if i'm working with a light designer that say to me "copy color from fixture 1 to fixture 2" (same kind of fixture), how can I do this?
    I know that sound stupid but I'm not able to do it. The only way I found is to copy the entire fixture then turn off the preset that I don't want to import but is a lot of unnecessary work.
    Tried with clone single preset but won't work. Tried to push for long time "at", like in grandma 1, hoping to see the "at" menu but not exist. Tried to store a color preset from the first fixture for copiing in the second but it seem to be selective preset ( =O )
    And just about this I have the second question: are presets in dot2 selectives? I have 25 Solawash on rig. I store a color preset for Solawash number one. I put in programmer Sola from 2 thru 5 and I want to give the color from preset of Sola one. Not possible......
    Incredible. Sure i'm doing something wrong.
    Third question. There's a way to track a single channel? I mean: I have 230 cues in one executor. 68 fixture on stage. I need to know in which cues one determined fixture has been used and with which parameters. Maybe by command line?
    Also for this case I think there must be one simple way, for example, to know if my fixture 23 is free from cue 20 to 120.....
    Hope to have explained my problems..... ^^ again, my english is far from acceptable..... :D
    Last but not least:
    can I assign individual fade time for individual parameters? example: in cue 20 I want that 10 fixture move tilt, but only fixture 9 must have a delay in tilt of 10 seconds. Until now I learn only to modify the tilt delay in entire cue......
    Again sorry for my language.
    Hope someone can help me.
    Without these few functions I'm not able to program fast as I want......
    Have a nice day.

    Uria from Ravenna

  • Hi uria,

    not a good day for you and the dot2.. ;)

    First of all, your english is totally fine!
    At least, I understand what you´re talking about (;-)

    Secondly: you are in front of a dot2. The dot2 wants to be an easy console without the thousand Options, that gMA and gMA2 offer.
    It´s simply for a different market.
    If you´re working with a lighting designer, you might miss some functions your lighting designer is used from gMA or gMA2.
    Or maybe missing is the wrong word, you might have to work with some Workarounds.

    But now, to your questions!:
    Yes, dot2 only uses selective presets. No global or universal ones. -as I said- we wanted to keep it as easy as possible.
    The clone function (in the Macro "pool") can quickly solve this issue, mostly, but this takes some seconds.

    Yes, dot2 has no at filters, for the same reason as before...
    Workaround: your designer wants to copy the Color from fixture x to fixture y and you have no preset that includes both fixtures:
    "fixture y at fixture x if" (now type onto the Presettype Color, on the right Hand side of the right Screen) "please".
    This copyies only the Color from one fixture to the next.
    I know- not the same as an at filter, but similar.

    No tracking sheet at the Moment.
    It´s on the wishlist since some time, so to track a single fixture through your 230 cues might end up in some searching (;-)

    Individual Timing per fixture: Make sure your Presettype is selected (Presettype position, on the right Hand side of the right Screen) and
    use "at" "time" (for fade) 9. And store this into your cue.
    Caution: you can not display individual timings in the dot - it works, but you can not see them in a sheet.
    We still think that in the normal use of the dot2, you do not need individual timings per fixture,
    as you can reach the same result by creating more cues.
    In enviroments where cue numbering isn´t that important, it´s mostly fine- but again,
    when you work with Designers, you can´t just build and number cues as you, as an Operator, would like to.

    Hope this helps you a bit!?


  • Hi Michael,

    nice to meet you. Thanks a lot for your fast and kind reply.
    It really helps me. But, taking advantage of your kindness, i'll ask you some more things.

    "Yes, dot2 only uses selective presets. No global or universal ones. -as I said- we wanted to keep it as easy as possible.
    The clone function (in the Macro "pool") can quickly solve this issue, mostly, but this takes some seconds."

    In my mind the simplest choice is universal preset. Because with universal preset you can do anything: if you select fixture before preset, the preset become selective. Viceversa, with selective preset, you can't do the opposite. In a simple flow of work is more complex remember if you have used one preset on one fixture than call a fixture and assign her the preset, but this is only imho.....

    The Clone function won't work. I tried all the afternoon but i'm not able to:
    macro " clone single preset"
    from fixture xxx please
    to fixture xxx please
    preset number x please
    clone 1 object yes ok
    nothing happen.
    maybe I miss something....as usual..... ;)

    About the workaround of the "at filters": perfect, exactly what I need, faster than the "at filters" on gma 1/2, because you must first deselect all and then select the thing you need....Great improvement!
    this is also helpful with the selective preset "problem"... :D :D

    Individual Timing per fixture: perfect.No problem if I don't have one individual window with times, I can see on stage what's happen during rehearsals... :P but I can do it!!!!!!

    Last but not least:

    No tracking sheet at the Moment.

    ahhhhhhhhh :( :(
    the only real simple thing that can made things easier is information.
    one string in command line like " search fixture 101 exec 5" can made a revolution. Sometimes people confuses the lack of information with simplicity. This is not simple when you work with hundreds of fixtures in a lot of cues. this is chaos.... ;(
    Informations about what happens on stage is the basis....
    When I started to program 30 years ago on ADB Tenor there was a function called "Mem Uti" (in italian... :) ) that was a tracking sheet. If we loose foundamentals is not simplicity, but chaos.
    No edit macros? no problem. No "at" functions ? no problem. But if you give me 8 universes to fill with fixtures and no infos about what will happen is not semplicity... :(

    So, you were really helpful. Now I'll wait for the next soft release ( :P )
    In the meantime thanks a lot and wait for my next questions Michael.... :D

  • Ha-
    you´re absolutely right.
    I remove the individual timings by editing the Cue they´re in.
    Edit Cue 1 exec x.x loads everything stored in this Cue back into the programmer.
    Choose the Preset Type, your ind. timings are in and use
    at time 0
    this will make the update button lightup and you can update the cue.


  • Hi Michael,

    It looks like your method assigns individual fade time at 0 seconds instead of removing it from the Cue.
    After this update the individual time will be 0 sec. instead of Cue timing which could be for example 10 sec.
    But I didn’t test it on the console or onPC yet. What do you think ?

    Best Regards

  • Hi FOH,
    thanks for your patience- you are absolutely right - individual fade/ delay times are handled
    with higher priority than cue and preset timings.
    So I have to correct myself:
    The cue that contains individual timings must be run,
    the fixtures that are used in the cue must be selected.
    Use the command line to write: fade "remove"
    and store that cue again, use the merge option.

    or delete the cue and store a new one without ind. timings ;)

    Thanks for your question and hint!


  • Hi Michael,
    I have just checked your coomand to remove individual fade time on the onPC V1.3.2.2 and it doesn’t work.
    I did exectly what you wrote.

    Had you checked it on the onPC or real console ?

    Best Regards

  • Hi FOH,
    it was checked on both- dot2 onPC and dot2 core.

    Was the focus of your preset type on the right preset type?
    Did you select all involved fixtures?

    When you have typed in the command: fade "remove"
    or :
    delay "remove"
    and complete the command by pressing the please button,

    all values of the focussed presettype of your outputted Cue, are loaded back into the programmer.
    Does that happen in your case?

    Pls check.