dot2 Tips + Tricks special - DMX Remote Input

  • Hi,

    First, sorry for my english, I'm french and not really bilingual...

    I have Dot2 on PC and a node from ELC, the dmXLAN buddy.
    I also have a Behringer Eurolite 2412 and I though about use this console in remote.
    I use a DMX cable male-male I did mysef to connect the node to the Behringer, but it is ok because my node tells me the dmx data goes throug the node (with a purple LED).

    And I have a big issue. On Dot2 on PC, I am connected to the "local network 6" (so on my computer too) with the IP (I changed the IP of the local network from "internet protocole version 4 TCP/IPv4").

    My node is on the IP I checked that the XLR connections on the node are on INPUT (and not on OUTPUT) to use them for the remote.

    In "network protocole" of the Dot2 on PC, I select Art-net and SACN, and I have a session running, but when I go to "network Setup", I only have a recognized device in the part named "OnPC", and nothing in the part "DMX Node" (even if I click on "Add").
    And when I go to "Tools" -> "Wings & Nodes Diagnosis", it says "No devices found".

    Is anybody there who could help me, please ? I don't understand where I am wrong...

  • Hello.
    Your ELC will not appear as a "DMX Node". There will only be dot2 Node4 from Ma, so I guess.

    But do not worry, I have the same (ELC), and everything works very well.

    DMX input as Remote works on Universe 9. Maybe you did not set this parameter correctly.

  • Thank you very much for your answer.

    So where will I see if my buddy is correctly connected ?

    Unfortunatly, I did set this parameters, and also the IP adress...
    I can see on theDot2 that only universe 9 is avalaible for the remote, but it doesn't show me this universe 9... (execpt in "Remote Inputs", but I can't click on it...)

    I will send you images of my dot2's screen when I'll come back from work.

  • O, wow. Strange.
    And which version of the software do you have installed?

    Remote DMX In via Art-Net is only from version 1.3 up.

    The latest version is

    If you have this may have a bad program installed (disable the firewall), run the program "as an administrator." If that does not help, then just Michael or Lars ... I first meet with such a thing.


  • If you click the DMX button on the dot2 console and scroll down you will see all the universes including 9. Just go into the Patch & Fixture Schedule to patch what you need as universe 9. I have a dot2 console controlling a LSC Clarity VX20 lighting console.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • Hello BrandyA,
    it´s like nasula says, you´re running Software Version 1.228 or older.
    Please install the latest Version of dot2 Software and you´ll get the Artnet Input for remote.

  • It works with the new version of the software !

    Thank you guys for taking the time to answer me !

    I just have one last question : If there is only one universe which can be used for free with Dot2 onPC, and if I use the input with universe number 9, does it mean that I can't use another universe for output ?
    Or could I have, for example, universe 9 as input and universe 8 as output ?
    Or have I to choose between use the Dot2 on PC with one input only or with one output only ?

  • Yes, as an output, there is only one universe free. Only universe 1 can be output (yes at 99%), but I have to check it because I do not know if it is possible to assign another universe to universe 1.
    ELC can work with dot2, as output and input simultaneously. (For example, DMX1 = out, DMX2 = in).
    As input can be used only universe 9. Universe 9 can not be as output.
    I changed universe 1 out of 4, but that did not work with my ELC. Probably only works with the original dot2 node, and here only the universe 1 works.
    If I'm wrong, please let somebody help me.