Export executors between show files/Swap FIxtures keep effect?

  • Two questions:

    1. This ones probably a long shot, but is there a way to export specific executors from on show file to another. Say you had an executor with a descent amount of code in it and you didn't want t o rewrite it every show? If it didnt have fixture information in it it might be possible right?

    For that matter, are there ways to take effects and cue stacks from multiple shows and bring them into one? I've just been starting with that show file and rebuilding around it if theres a stack I want to keep from a show, but that gets messy.

    2 . This question made me think about a possible Fixture "preset" window. Say you had a sweet cue stack that you liked for colors, and you got to a new gig that used say a different type of LEDS in a separate channel mode, would there be a way to swap out the fixture running that effect with another fixture that shares the same attributes? This would be huge. Would the "change fixtures" function do this?

  • 1. The easiest way (in my eyes) is a master showfile. Start every show from a master file which has all necessary Presets, Effects and Executors in it. Have always some basic fixtures in it (only one per type). Then, after patching new Fixtures to the show, clone everything from this master fixtures.
    When done with the show, remove all unnecessary Fixtures, Presets and Executors and save the show as "my master april 2017". Start the next show out of this master file. So the file is growing from show to show and you´re able to use already existing programming.

    2. To exchange fixtures go to Setup> Patch&Fixture Schedule > select Fixtures to exchange > Press "Change Fixturetype" > Import new Fixtures if not in the list > click OK and Done. You can now use the new fixturetypes with the old programming.

  • Hi tobinpls,

    to your question1:
    What you describe is called "partial showread" in gMA and gMA2 - importing Sequences from different showfiles into another one.
    We decided not to have this in dot2, as this goes deeper as it seems in the first view.

    To import a cuestack is one thing, but whats about the Presets and Effects that might belong to it?
    They have to be imported as well. But to where?
    When you already use Position Preset 1 thru 83 in your Show and
    now you wish to Import a cuelist that uses some Position Presets as well and their names in the other Show were 10 thru 131 -
    what should happen?
    You need a warning and the console will ask you which Presets to move to where and so on...
    We´ve played this game already in gMA2 and it is not that easy to even display what might go on during Partial Show read.
    Additionally, not all Operators know their Shows realy well...
    "yeah, I Need Seq 6.214 in my new Show urgently!"
    "ok, lets Import it.." "oh what´s about all the effects that are in there?"
    "aaahh - I don´t Need them"
    "eh... this Looks wrong!"
    "ok, but we imported the one that you wanted"
    "ok, mabe I was wrong with the numer of the Sequence...let´s Import 2.211"

    No question that this is a cool function and helpful, especially when you have a lot of stuff in there, but...

    to your question2:
    GO Button has described this very well: Exchange the fixture type.
    This is so powerfull..
    Pls try.


  • Ok Thanks Go Button and Micheal.

    I think the Change fixture type with a master show file will do a lot of what I need. I do have one question though.

    Say for generic LEDS. Say my show file has some RGBW leds, and when I get to the gig they only have RGB fixtures. Can I still make this swap alright? The question goes both ways, If I have a RGB and there fixtures have say RGBAW, will it still read the RGB values.

    I guess what it comes down to, @Go-Button Is do you have to have fixture in your showfile for seperate RGB, RGBA, RGBAW fixtures?

    Or would it be best just to make my master showfile with a single led type with the most options, say a RGBAW-UV-L, Would my master fixture translate to fixtures that had less options in them upon cloning?

  • The console is clever enough to transform RGBW into RGB and vice versa. You can also transform a Spot into a Wash with the Fixture Change.
    I use fixture exchange only with an already existing showfile. This way I can exchange a group of fixtures without changing my programming. This is useful on a tour, with changing fixtures every day. Also the Swatchbook > MA Colors is useful as it is working with every type of color mixing system.

    I have a couple of different fixtures in my master file. One RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBAW LED fixture, one CMY spot and a RGBW and RGB wash, each with all necessary Presets. This way I´m able to clone whatever information I need for a new fixture. This is useful when you start to program a new show. When done with patching clone the presets and executor from the source fixtures to the new ones. It´s useful to have all important functions stored as a preset, so the only think I have to check is if all presets do work with the new fixture. If not, simply update the preset and all executors who use this preset will be updated automatically.

  • Sweet. I acually found I had pretty good luck exchanging most fixture types. I actually have a Chauvet Maverick Spot as my main cloner, which has a RGB engine, and is a mover with all the bells and whistles. Although, Im starting to think this might not work with regular color wheel or CMY mixing fixtures.

    Thanks Go-Button