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    Is it possible to add a command or macro to the startup of a console? In the past on grandma 2 it would just be adding it into settings. Could not seems to find any way to do it on grandma 3. Trying to be able to run a login command on startup.

    Is there anything I should specifically add to a macro in grandma 3 to add the command into the command line. In the past on grandma 2 I would end the macro text line with "@" and it would populate to the command line. Is this still possible in grandma 3?

    Is it possible to change the Preset that is in the recipe via the command line. Assuming the syntax is the same as what you are saying it should be Set Preset 1.1.1 Preset "Your Preset" or some variation of that. Cannot seem to figure out how "Your Preset" Should be entered into the command line.

    Is it possible to swap a grandma 3 on to a different wing of faders. In the past it has just been "Surface 2" in the command line. I know you can see the playback in a different wing on the playback menu, but it seems like the physical faders on the console to not move to anything other than a different page.