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    This FPS depends on the load of CPU and your memory (if I¨m not wrong)..
    When I go on show or preprograming I switch off any unnecessary Wins stuff running around or all the synchronization.. and everything runs more quicker..


    Have you tried to start dot2 as admin (of Win)??
    Maybe could help if you go to C:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\dot2 and delete the old files in there.. (Backup the shows before..)

    NanoKorg forever!! 8o


    I'm not sure this would works automatically because of operational syntax.. Maybe someone here has solved this..
    CMD accepts the syntax you're using by touching the console /or onPC/ so without the exec variable put in (and I'm not sure this could work like that) this shouldn't work.. You have to correct this all manually -> there is lot of possibillities to send the CMDs for the other exec or whatever by using one playback.. Sometimes complicated CMD calls to other execs leads to funny cycling so be aware of this movings :P

    I remember and still I don't understand: I'm solving the problem of MIB numbers on gma2, if you renumber the cues you have to rewrite manually all saved MIB old numbers to the numbers of new cues after renumbering -> and this could be more easier than moving execs :/ ?( :D :D :D


    I'm affraid this is not a part of d2..
    For me are helpful renaming names of dim chans or fixs in the patch sheet, there you can put down the names or kind or these notes (hopefully with the promised beer you know this :rolleyes: ) and by pressing MA button you se the names..

    By my experience is to keep informations needed for focusing and so on in some other text note pad out of d2 because some shows in the same venue could be so different..
    If this is what you mean :D


    I see, i see,
    but sometimes should be useful to have this tracking overview.. I know that I'm trying to find useful functions like in big grand MA, but sometimes this is very useful, when you need to check some fixtures what they're doing in order of cue steps..

    One of my wishlist issue would be editable macro by your own..


    When you come down to the bottom of the Cues View you will always see the next three cues. Don't you think this should ne enough? Or do you look at a different view then the Cues View?

    Would be better more of them downstairs, in gMA2 you see more next ones coming up (5-6).. Now you see more cues already done and from my experience in theatre you need more jumping forward (e.g. if actors forget 1 page of text) :D no many ways back in this kind of moments ;)

    Unfortunetaly it is not planned to change the color of the cues labels. White letters with blue backround provide a really high contrast and I don't really see how we can improve this...!?

    I was thinking about the inactive cues would be more readable (1 last and 2 next) - sometimes if you're not directly in cue list view of main executor you still could be "oriented" by that small window in there..

    And cheers and thank you for your reply!! Say hello to MA :!:

    I'm using the setup dot2 onPC with laptop (Lenovo, win10) and ENTTEC for the small theatre applications (to one universe) and this works without any troubles!! And it saves me lot of time on the stage, because lot of things I'm preparing offline (as well like in gma2)..

    Thank you MA you put free the first universe!!


    Would be possible in the future to see more next cues in the Cue list then the last ones allready past?? Means the actual cue in green is somewhere downstairs and sometimes in the theatre you need to see more what happens next.. (you see last 7 and 2 next, so should be like 3 last and 4 next, or the green actual should be in the middle of cue list)

    And also is it possible to change the colour of the cue labels in the small window above the main playback?? White letters and the blue background for actual will do it more readable..