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    Quelqu'un à t'il déja utilisé la X-Touch pour piloter sa DOT2 et qui pourrait me donner des infos pour la configuration de cette dernière ?
    Merci d'avance. Quel logiciel utiliser pour transformer Control change en Midinote ( midiox ?)

    Jemand hat bereits den X-Touch benutzt um seinen DOT2 zu fahren und wer könnte mir Informationen für die Konfiguration des letzteren geben?

    Someone has already used the X-Touch to drive his DOT2 and who could give me information for the configuration of the latter?

    If i send you dmx table for this fixture was it possible for you to send me xlm file ? So I understood and i make for other old fixture that i have

    Thank's Lars,

    I've seen tuto but this moving head are very simple. Just one color weel and one gobo weel. No rotation and no RGB function. Wher can i enter dmx info in fonction table (ex: colorblue, dmx to 20 from 45 ) or in subatribute ?

    Hi i'm french and speak very bad english excuse me.

    I have to connect moving head contest mvh900 on dot2
    It's a basic fixture with pan tilt 1 color weel and 1 gobo weel
    I search very basic tutorial to create this type of fixture.

    Second question :
    Was it possible to open xmlp file in fixture builder ?