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    I tried the multipatch but because i need to use different fixture types it for some reason wont let me do it. What i would like is to patch a dimmer to fixture id 1 @ address 1.1 then add a multipart that is a right arm fixture type @ address 2.1. IS this possible? If not how would i go about building a fixture type with breaks in it? The fixture builder doesnt seem to have that as an option.
    Thanks again

    So we are currently looking into buy a Dot 2, and have been playing with the on pc to see how it works. We have hit a snag while building our patch. the problem is we have some right arms with lekos on them. We need the leko address to be in universe one because thats where the dimmer is, but we want to put the right arm itself in universe 2 because universe one will be full of dimmers. Currently we are using an ETC Ion which allows you to patch multiple fixtures to one channel creating a multipart fixtures allowing you to type in one channel and gain access to the right arm pan and tilt as well as the leko dimmer. is this possible on dot 2?