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    Yes, the beginnings of DIY HID faders for me is near, lol.... I can confirm that I took my eDMX1 Pro node and ran DMX from my Swisson MT350[as a test] through the device[with 5 pin gender swap] as Universe 9 configured on the node and indeed; once I mapped the remote input from U:9.1..12 to the first 12 faders, they were under control in the GUI from my Swisson test device! Now to get a 2 Uni Node and config the A as out on U:1 and the B as in on U:9...should work, kiddies! Then any random DMX 'controller' can act as a onPCDot2 faderwing to simply execute/fade. Random DMX 'controllers', ugh, at least they can act as mechanical when they're dumped at your feet!


    Has anyone utilized the ultraDMX2 Pro node to output the Dot2 Universe1 and input another DMX stream from some random DMX 'controller' with physical faders for remote input faders in Dot2? I'm thinking it can be done with the A/B capability of the unit, looking for someone who's done this or is thinking about it! Elation 12CH DMX controller seems like the best/cheapest solution to physical buttons though.



    Anyone willing to share their 3rd party DIY 'fader' solutions?!!

    Thank you, Lars. I have viewed your video on this subject. I saw your 3rd party DMX controller activating an executor in Dot2 onPC. I'm attempting to do this as to have physical faders for HID. In your presentation, I was wondering if you were outputing DMX to some device under control of the executor fader? Where you attempting to do this same subject? To utilize a 3rd party physical fader to activate an executor to control a device somewhere?

    Thanks again!

    I'm gonna try this since the device is relatively inexpensive and I'm wondering if anyone has tried this solution before.

    I'm going to take a stream of DMX from a DMX 6-12CH controller as a remote input through my DMX King device to have physical faders...will this work with a DMX King?


    If it won't thru-put, I'll have a cheesy little DMX tester to output some DMX quickly.

    Profile needs to be edited[in text editor as .XML fileType] to a "Conventional" fixtureType and it will project a beam[then change fixtureType or Patch in the new fixtureType, or try just selecting the fixture in MA3D and RightMouseClick---Change Model; if it's a single instance fixture to a 3D model that has a 'Beam' object or multiple Beam objects in it. If it's a 4/5 beam fixture on all at once; will take a custom model to visualize the fixture as you desire. Doesn't seem too hard a model to build....if the fixtureType is a multi-Instance fixture where you have a Main Module and multiple 'pixels'; this will take much more work to get visualizing in Dot2...

    Good luck!

    I make these types of fixtures! I've constructed 3D 'fog' jets that visualize. I have constructed confetti cannons that visualize a large dispersal pattern of 'confetti'. I have constructed moving scenic elements [drapes, wagons, etc ...]. I make whatever you want that is visualized in MA3D. PM me [Rex] at MA-Share site. I think my terms are reasonable.


    You need to create the gobo wheel to populate the previews / thumbnails ..... that is where you 'load' the gobos into the scene to render in Smart Windows and the Programmer to activate and visualize.

    The red box is important to build into the profiles in the FixtureBuilder. Much easier way to generate the channelsets,;) .....

    Here's the MA2 gobo wheel and how to load it in the wheel manager just under the module manager .... clown face :( can lead to dmx and ranges to overlap, another sad clown face ...when you build channelsets by hand.

    The "WHEEL" is the start of the process after the attributes, then you go back and link to each set of channels. You seem to have started to use the resources. This is why you can not preview the GOBOS! Edit Row and Add are your helpers when building ....



    Apologies for the odd translation ...... totally mashed my sentences.

    Here ya go...give this a try. Very Quick and Dirty.

    Got everything to visualize excepting Prism1_Rot?? Every time I call it up with the console, the multiple beams snap back into a single?!? Tried giving each one it's own Subattribute but no go...

    GoboWheel spins, Gobo1 individuals rotate each direction and stop.

    Shutter works as DMX channels are schedules[DIM first, then Strobe, then the Shutter Open, just need to go to RAW values to fine the SMART BUTTONS...all work with Fader, just all on one handle[the bane of 'split channels' of control].

    Good luck with the PRISM1_ROT Function/Channel Sets!! I'd say you're 90%+ to visualizing the fixture as intended!!! FTW!


    PS: do NOT open this.XML from the console in FixtureBuilder....use the console to edit! <info> has my notes!

    This seems to be a more accurate DMX chart to build a fixture from...cheers!


    This may be how your fixture needs to be set up in the way of a 'SHUTTER / DIM' follow the DMX chart.

    Well ... Visualizations in dot2 3D are created from the 'SUBATTRIBUTES' of 'ATTRIBUTES' in the profile and the PHYS FROM and PHYS TO entry fields. There are only a few 'keywords' that function as a SUBATTRIBUTES in dot2 3D and they must be Exactly named, otherwise they will not visualize / render in 3D dot2, but may be the actual fixture on the stage .

    Looking at the image you have provided, I would say why you are not seeing the 'effect'.

    Try changing the name of EFFECTROTATE to "PRISMA1_ROT". This makes PRISMA1 rotate in dot2 3D ...
    The other visualization for the PRISMA1 'effect' is "PRISMA1_POS". This 'should' allow for non-continuous indexing of the effect for alignment.

    I think the visualization you want is PRISMA1_ROT. The keyword of EFFECTROTATE as a sub-attribute is NO visualization that I know of.

    Good luck!

    Your SHUTTER issue may be solved with more clear Phys From and Phys To data in the entry fields ... from the information in the image, you are telling the SHUTTER to go from 0 to 10% as DMX goes from 129 to 230. A SHUTTER subattribute should either 0 or 1 , Closed or Open . During the DMX [129-230], change both PHYS FROM and PHYS TO 1 , if the SHUTTER is meant to be CLOSED during DMX [129-230] change both PHYS FROM and PHYS to 0 .

    There are not any in the Fixture Builder about what is an actual 'visualization' subattribute and what does not render in dot2 3D.

    So, your ENCODER ranges are wacky. Within each Channel set, the encoders should be divided into ranges as the DMX values are, unless you want each section to start at zero to each individual end ... never done that before.

    Apologize for strange translating text from what I typed in English ...

    As volumetric fog, no. You can have a this as a visualizable effect, however. It takes a custom model and some work in the .XML profile of the fixtureType. I've created this type of visualization...

    I would say read up on the topic here: List Since Dot2 is based upon the same architecture, the List Cmd is the same; just doesn't have an entry in the Glossary. Since you can't 'write' a Macros outside of a Cue, I assume that CmdLine operation in the Dot2 schema isn't expected?

    Looking back into my basic computer programming from eons ago; a 'list' is an array of data with multiple asking for a 'list' you're asking the 'machine' to 'print' all data associated with the object on screen when the command is executed.

    good luck!

    I do not believe you will see the 'Node' in the Network settings, I myself look for mine and never find it. I believe that only 'MA products/nodes' will be shown in that dialog. I, myself, utilize a DMX 'node' to output DMX from the E-port of my laptop. My E---DMX adapter does not show in the Network dialog[DMX King pro 1], yet still functions perfectly; perhaps not your particular E--DMX adapter. I check both Art-net and sCAN output formats.

    Here's a German language video of perhaps your particular E--DMX node, hope this is of help:

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