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    Yep, fairly simple once I understood the paradigm a tad better, nothing like Trial Del Fuego and help from MGeasey.... No DMX, just link the Geometry to the Attribute/Module. Also, I would assume that the way MA3 digests the 3DS files, it is always considered a 'single group/mesh/object' and any UV mapping would be resource intensive to keep track of bitmaps and UV coordinates for 3D Window render. We'll things develop with future versions.

    MA2 never handled bitmaps and Materials very well[did not share/instance Materials across Groupings utilizing same bitmaps]....I would not expect to see them render, perhaps later; I see MA3 as moving away from Ad hoc 3D hackdaggery...Hence my reflection; "Good-bye the Bugatti", trending into, "Hello,'Mini-Coop!'" I get a decent 60 FPS on any 3D Window, multiples as well at the same time--might be capped?? In MA2 3D I could get well into the 100's FPS....It will be some time, ihmo, before MA3[D] comes close to v3.7 MA3D, could make that engine do about anything I needed it to do, FTW! Now, sad clown face as I put around in a Mini-cooper....beep-beep!

    Good luck!

    Work Safely!!

    I tried to generate a GDTF 'environmental'/set model and that did not render when I Inserted the 'fixture'....

    Is it possible to outline the steps involved in achieving this result--Importing a 3DS file into GDTF FixtureBuilder and having it arrive as a 'fixture' fro the Environment/Scene. I'm assuming this is the paradigm now; all 3D assets are considered 'fixtures' as well? That is a whole new ball of melting wax....under the Hot Summer Suns of tomorrow and yesterday over how it was done in previous versions.


    MVR seems like a wonderful addition and useful for larger production layouts/previz...but 3.7K$ to bring in simple models for a small--midsize environments of Scenics in free software[onPC]--pretty restrictive??!! Or a base subscription[far more reasonable]?? MA2 was far more user-friendly to previz, at this moment, it seems.

    Thanks for any information on the process!


    I can find no models in the Asset Tree with those description any longer...and I still can't figure out how to drop a model into the Scene. In Stages? under Edit, with Insert or Import? LOL.....not clear. When I try, I can only Insert another StageElement, and when I try to Import with that object, the only model I find is a double catwalk.xml....and when I click on that object, another entry of StageElement appears and nothing renders in the 3D window?

    I generated a custom GDTF fixture with virtual Pan/Tilt/Gobo1 w/12 Slots---all rendering just fine in MA3. Nothing that isn't connected to a GDTF profile though...

    What's the actual process my friend to bringing in a 3DS file? I inquired and was told that GDTF was the only way, at the moment, to get custom models into MA3... I tried with a simple object of 4'x8' decking, but when I, 'Inserted', the "fixture"; nothing rendered...?!? And it did not appear in the MA3 "Grouping" object/fixture that seems to be the container placeholder...

    I see that on existing pieces of 'set'[MA3 fixtureFolder]....the Mfgr is listed as "Environment" and location seems to be the "set" folder; I imagine there is way to describe the objects/models to the engine via text/.XML that will allow them to render in the 3D Window and available from Mesh Pool.

    You can PM me at Dot2 site to continue the discussion, please do!


    I've even tried to bring in 3DS files through a GDTF because it's all bundled up[models/bitmaps]but was not able to get that all or to populate the Grouping under the Stage it's a part of.

    I see little .XML description files for all the existing meshes you can see in the UI and bring into the Scene but again; I had difficulties bringing in a mesh 'object' outside a fixture profile. Seems ad hoc user defined 3D objects are not in the future. Importing the 3D with the fixtures from VW seems to be the nudge...

    There is a Mesh Pool of objects with not much description within Help of how to use the Pool's objects. I would imagine with some time, more information on the 3D workings will be forthcoming. I can figure most of the description files out as they're .XML, it's the little GUID number and how it's generated that has me stumped and makes me believe there is an Importer binary or like the Library of profiles, by adding the 3DS files, the files get generated best guess at this early stage. Seems to be some similarity between the GDTF formatting and how the engine is reading the objects.

    Extract a GDTF and see how it's stuffed with all the goodies, ;). Ripper' open mate!

    I managed to get 'object' selection of objects in the 3D window but have forgotten what Setting I changed to achieve this? Marquee selection in a 3D window is, well...m'eh; is there a 'depth' threshold to not select 'non-viewable' objects or just object selection, not box? I'd much rather have the MA23D way of 'object' selection with a cick as opposed to a 'box' around the object which sometimes tends to select errant objects. MA3D used to have a 'no select' option on each object in the Asset Tab!!

    I did seem to manage to achieve this[touch selection and marquee] but now with a 'new show'...that 3D window setting is gone and I'm reduced to selection via box in 3D.


    I've noticed that before I launch MA3 v1.0, on the laptop it's installed upon, I can navigate my Network[Home gateway] the laptop is connected to via WiFI and access files in my desktop which is connected to the house gateway via Cat5 cable and not using Wifi.

    After launching MA3 v1.0, I can no longer find the desktop device under Network in the Navigator of the Win10 laptop?? Takes a Restart of the OS to ?re-establish? connection to see other devices in the Network?1?

    I'm not using the Wifi in the laptop to connect any MA products/software...

    I've seen this twice now, where once I launch MA3, I'm booted off any other device connected via Network?? this laptop at least on Wifi...?! I'd rather not have to resort to emailing myself across my desk for data or swapping a flash drive all the time, m'eh, or I will usually disable Wifi and BluTooth on the laptop when using the MA desk emulator to avoid intruders accessing the WebRemote, ahem, but not while at Home/Studio, lol. Must have selected it[MA3] to not operate on a Public Network??

    Probably just me...:/

    How do I Store a Window setup/View as a View button on a single Screen/Display and keep it from appearing on ALL of my Screen setups? I'm Storing it to Display2 on my external monitor outputting from my laptop and the View buttons are all the same, number from 1-6/7 depending upon which DIsplay it's outputting to. There is no 'paging/scrolling' when hovering over the ViewBar as with the other Tile Pools to give me some Empty Tiles, I always get the same 7 buttons across all Displays; is this intended? Is there a way to advance the View Button Page+/-? When I Store I get the dialog with each Displays Option with the small 'toggle' and I only keep DIsplay 2 'orange'/toggled. I see the ALL choice which I don't click...only my CLEAR Screen Window do I want doing that[appearing across all the View Bars on all Displays...?!? The View Bar seems linked to every Display but not the 3D views are not Synced to each other, is there a way to Sync all the Cameras across the differing 3D Windows as MA2 and MA3D did?


    Assign that View from the Pool to the Menu bar of each separate Display...running out the door and I'll try this thinks.

    Hahahaha, took me all day to sort it out, :P. I can confirm that virtual attributes in GDTF will parse over to MA3. I've got a Dimmer that looks like an ETC S4, has virtual Pan/Tilt with the encoders and now has Gobo1 Wheel that visualizes without DMX assignment.

    Nice, very nice...

    Again, Great Work by Team MA International for a super piece of software and the handshake with GDTF!! GDTF formatting had all the Wheel and Model data within the GDTF file and no special placing of assets was needed, even get the Thumbnails in the Encoder Bar dialog for G1; once you construct the fixture correctly.

    Where would I locate any GOBO1 Wheel bitmaps to have them render with my Fixture Type in the 3D window? I assembled the wheel with the GDTF fixture builder and the process had me locate the bitmaps referenced in the GDTF file in a subfolder labeled, "wheels" which allowed it to be viewed in the online builder. With the GDTF Imported fixtureType, I can read my labels for the wheel slots inside the encoder bar G1 dialog, however the bitmaps don't appear in the MA3 dialog or render in the 3D window.

    The manual states:

    The GDTF file is a zip file containing:

    • Description
    • Geometry data
    • Gobo images

    The Gobo images are in a subfolder labeled, "wheels" and the 3DS models in a subfolder labeled, "models". If I extract the GDTF file, I do indeed find the 3DS formatted "models" and the Bitmaps[png] in the "wheels" subfolders holding the assets. Is there something more to do to get gobos rendering in MA3? Put them in a special MA3 folder under 'gobos'?? "wheels" perhaps?

    I can actually view the image when I Edit the actual FixtureType, but it does not populate the Encoder windows or the 3D window?? It's Appearance in Edit FixtureType is Gobos.GoboImage 5'[Rex3DLineUp_Png]' but it's not intuitive how to 'navigate' to a location? I find references to Gobos.GoboImage 1-4 in the default_images.XML located inside the gobos Parent folder. My actual bitmap with a path would indeed be index[5] of GoboImages, but alas not written to the file as a 'default'. I've included the bitmap just inside the gobos Parent folder and still no dialog or 3D window rendering, only inside the fixtureType when I Edit it.

    Lot's to [re]learn with the new UI....

    Thanks!--seems like it should be rendering....'out of box'.

    :thumbup:Good work on the GDTF reading of files, MA Team! 8)The virtual attributes I wrote into a simple DIM with PAN|TILT seem to be rendering in MA3's 'Stage View' just fine with the encoders! I've also got a GOBO1 virtual wheel that I need to get the bitmap into the asset tree to check on that rendering.:/:/

    On second thought, when I generated the GDTF file I had to place my assets in specific folders with the 3DS models. If MA3 is correctly reading the format, shouldn't there be a pop-up/prompt seeking the missing file[s] or an attempt to 'extract' the data and locate it where MA3's 3D engine will find it? I did read my label for the Wheel Slot in the MA3 GOBO dialog, along with the other empty/open slots I left for future constructs, so some of the data is parsing over, just not the actual bitmaps.

    Here's the line of code in the GDTF file: PK \z’N’ÓG‘Âñ Âñ wheels/Rex3DLineUp.png‰PNG

    There is the bitmap, in the 'wheels' subfolder.

    I don't see any way of inserting 3DS content as we did in MA2.... I see a catwalk object to 'Insert' but then it appears to be written in .XML format?

    Am I right in believing that this is how 'custom' content to be visualized? It must be written as .XML formatting?

    Are there any Manuals on this subject or forward looking statements about how we do 'custom' 3D work/content for MA3?

    Inquiring minds want to know, ;).


    The 3D Window information was pretty limited, even more than the earlier versions, which had a great manual.

    Got it, that works, thanks!

    My take-away is that you need to include the Executor and can't just call a Cue "String" and have it Trigger the Cue...I always get that it's an "OBJECT DOES NOT EXIST". Weird, because if I send a GO SEQUENCE and call it's "NAME" it triggers the stack....go figure. I try GOTO CUE and "NAME" but no go...oh well.

    Set the DMX node-stream for remote input @ Universe 9 to the MA product[for remote input pickup] and your node output to your DMX devices @ Universe 1. I have replicated this setup with a DMX King node+12 CH faderboard and it does work, as long as the input DMX stream to MA is set to 9.

    Have you tried connecting the onPC computer and the desk via a switch, then using the Win OS system to navigate to the Dot2 interior HD and doing the skulduggery there? Just wondering...;). Good luck!

    If you are using the fixture as a single instance object, you'll need to either construct a custom model with 5 beams or do a mult-patch; then physically position and rotate the 'cloned' fixtures to visualize it as a 5 beam object, then Group them in MA3D and it'll be the closest visualization of the object without resorting to a custom 3DS model representing the instrument. They'll move as a Group with their Local orientations in tact, or should be.

    Good luck!