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    you too? I 'think' I know where the ERR lies....allow me to digress?

    I was attempting to construct a fixture with Patch-blah-blah....I got into the Models Tab, I had deleted the first entry line of the commands, the existing 'default' model entry field, leaving me with no 'Model'/mesh?? Once I went back into Patch and Edit the FixtureType and back into Models Tab...once I reinitialized it with a first entry and left 'seems' I could now Import Meshes into the Pool...that's all I got on this, mate, good luck!

    I'm now finding how hard it is to simply populate a Wheel with a GOBO1 "Appearance"...not intuitive at all how to put a GOBO into that entry field, Irma Gurd!?? So many clicks thru similar looking dialogs...and jizzle with Alpha on/off to actually see your bitmap, lol....

    From the steps I've mangled all today to build a fixture with the software, it's SUPER MUCH easier to generate a GDTF profile...just sayin', as the kidz all do.

    Hmm...just don't get why my ChannelSets have their DMX value entry fields 'locked'/black??? I can pop new lines in, each has it's DMX high entry field blacked out and won't allow for editing...very frustrating the size of these screens and having to scroll over!

    And just don't see the visualization in the 3D View either, the fixture is in the Fixture list, nothing renders when I leave Patch...and these are the 3DS models I Imported with my original GDTF Import. That process was pleasant, dropped the meshes in the proper folders along with the gobos...Meshes in the Mesh Pool, all entry fields have been filled, just not rendering when I leave Patch. B'ah!

    I've noticed in V1.3.1 in the Mesh Pool, I am not able to RightMouseClick to[Edit] Import a 3DS Mesh beyond Tile#12? Nothing seems to happen when I click and attempt to activate the tile, no Navigate dialog pops as it does with Tiles 10,11,12.

    However; when I regress to v1.0, I can Edit any Mesh Pool Tile I choose beyond #12...frustrating this is, and somewhat confusing???.

    Not sure if this impacts the EditSetupPatchFixtureType constructor, but I cannot add a New Model in that tab? No list of Mesh Objects in the dropdown menu appear. I hope I don't need to continue generating GDTF files to Import 3DS meshes?? Is this still the case?:S:!:because if I have to use the latest version of GDTF webBuilder; I direct to my observations on the results compared across MA3 versions here: Current version of MA3 reading current version of GDTF


    In my opinion...

    The easiest way is to probably use the web based constructor from your description. Each level of construction has it's own Tab and follows a logical procedure from defining the Names, to the Models used, then assemble the Geometry, then config Wheels and DMX channels, very visual constructor. The only thing it doesn't do is render anything beyond the 3DS models and Rotational and Translational movement. Materials, No Beam, Strobes etc...that are on your fixture will not render as well, but the data parses with the 3DS files that are packed away in the format, very nice indeed as well as the Gobos in any wheels--they ride along with the models in subFolders.

    I've found some recent oddities with model alignment when parenting the fixture's hierarchy together from MA3 v1 to the version now released....v131, your results may vary. What GDTF file online generated that I created looks great in MA3 V1 but goes bonkers in MA3v131....


    Is the current version of MA3 up to date and correctly reading the current version of GDTF? Inquiring minds...just don't know!

    I'm seeing parented Lens GEOMETRY objects that are aligned perfectly in the GDTF web builder ending up horribly offset in the current version of MA3 3D View BUT looking much better in V1.0 of MA3, but not completely aligned[did not document on site]. The BEAM objects are located correctly on it's Parent, but not the GEOMETRY meshes.

    Also, I'm seeing the visualizing FIELDS[from multiple Lens/Pixels] are not equal in size in the 3D View while the values for the Beam Field and Beam Angle are the same in the GDTF? Each end of a line of parented Beam objects have radically different size fields of light just next to them on the 'stick'/head GEOMETRY. Changing the value in Patch...does nothing. Also noticing that a 256x256 custom gobo bitmap is clipped by the diameter of the field??

    Below is a snapshot of the 3D View, notice each end of the much larger those fields of light are compared to the 4 in between them. Also notice the white rectangles mid beam....those are the Lens Geometry models that are perfectly placed in the web based GDTF builder, yet in this version of MA3, are so offset. In v1.0, the same fixture has the Lens GEOMETRY models nearly perfectly placed, just a small offset, perhaps 1 inch[24.5mm]. The Body of the fixture is out of shot...they are really offset?? Didn't document the early version's offset, was willing to call it, 'close enough', but these offsets are horrible.



    This was a small exercise in fixture building at GDTF from a Posters request for a conversion of some rando XML format knockOff. Pretty simple fixture, many parented Beams on the level above...?? coincidence/ be the judge!

    Layout View in the console does not control fixture positions in MA3D. Stage View in console for fixture positions...OR

    In MA3D, under Functions--Arrangements in Menu or in Right hand Property Tabs Arrangement, there you will be able to adjust the 3D positions of the fixtures/objects.

    Good luck!

    It is a convoluted path, far more so than MA2. Every object is it's own'd think a single 'fixtureType' of "model" or "set" and then just change the pointer within the datablock, rather than an entirely new datablock? Seems "klunky".

    I did like the separate binary and linking into a Session...of MA2+MA3D and how hackTastic it

    Good luck!

    I downloaded an MA-Share version of this fixture and constructed a 3D visualization for it; based upon the data in the file --- it travels 10 meters in the DOWN direction, which is the physfrom = 0 physto = 10 values in that part of the .XML profile. How far does the device you intend to use move as limits [Top / Bottom] ?? I believe you would change that for your actual travel distance but the physFrom and physTO values are for 3D rendering I believe and have no impact on the stage device.

    I can view it visualizing in MA2 v3.5.0.2 MA3D for it's MP_TR_Z attribute which is in the file and the main Attribute of the device .... this is from a .XML profile at Share that states it has been tested on the real fixture .... I cannot truly test the other attributes because I have no access to the real device .... meaning, it 'should' be activating the real device. The manual has the control as being specific handle positions for each of the 6 channels of control.

    PM me if you would like to evaluate the .XML profile. It had to be custom built to the .XML because of the Default MP_TR_Z attribute value, it defaults to it's TOP Limit. 5,112 inches from the Winch Frame, as per the Technical Drawing available.

    Good luck!

    No snapping in the UI, object to object or grid lines...

    TIP: get good at math in your brain, lol.

    TP: assemble 'snapping' objects in your 3D CAD program....there you can snap away! Then export as single 3DS file, about as good as you can get, ;).

    Good luck!

    Thanks, found it with your hep; I thought it had the 'lib_' appendage and was only looking there for the location; gotta go try this now with a simple Mesh Pool--Fixture Type--Model Import.


    Happy,Safe,Healthy,Prosperous New Year!


    UGH: remember to keep your bitmap namingConvention to 8-bit. No more than 8 characters in a 'name' or things may truncate on ya....LOL. Still haven't seen it yet, but am still trying and uncovering little gems like the 3DS convention of 8-bit janky.

    Andreas, I do know the 'Release Candidate status' of software and I can see the 'empty spaces' that will be filled in, ;). I can see the Material entry field for the Mesh Objects in the Pool. A much easier 'path' to selecting which bitmap/Material you'd like enrobing the object, these eyes. I also feel that perhaps further down the road that 'Scenic Elements/Environmental Assets' will be droppable[dragable too?!!] into the 3D Window, but if not; alas, through the Stages Tab would be the container to do the work. I am unaware of how these constructs, Layers||Class, will help with Asset Organization; I am positive that the manual will outline all the necessary steps. Just seems 'wacky' to start generating all these extraneous 'fixture types' to keep track of in the Patch Sheet. I see the total number of 'objects'/IDs that can be applied; something like over 4 million?? That's a lot of objects in the Scene! That will make for a large Listing of Fixtures.--Right now, Andreas; I cannot visualize any 'Shaper'/'Blade'/'Iris' attributes in the 3D Window yet--havent' looked for a 'Prism' yet...not even from existing MA2/MA3 profiles inside the console. A 'forward-looking' statement on what the visualizing Attributes are, at the moment, would be supreme, ;)! I'm getting a handle on how things are rendering in MA3 now...has taken a few days of Trial/Error to discover this much.

    @nrgsillie , I've not done any MVR at the moment and am looking for the /textures folder you speak of, but of which; I can find no evidence...?! Is it the /images folder in the Resources container?? I did place my bitmap texture for a 3DS object inside the /images folder but it did not render in the Material Viewing Pane of the Mesh's Parameter dialog. Is there an actual /texture folder in the Tree, or does it get generated upon MVR Import; I don't know or have experience with this aspect yet. I'll gladly 'ham-fist'/'button mash' the folder into place manually if needed, but at the moment; I get no render of my 3DS object if I Import it into the Mesh Pool and then point to it with a fresh/new Fixture Type under Models Tab?? Building it as a GDTF seems viable at the moment.

    Thanks all!

    I'll get this 'new' 3D information out as quickly as possible to the Masses as soon as I uncover it! I beat on this software nearly every day in the Rex3D Studio, to see what's capable of visualizing.

    AHA!! Got the model rendering, took another pass through Fixture Type Edit to find the entry field for pointing to....but no bitmap Material...and the Scale of the object is off. Dialog seems to say it's 1 M each side, but visualizing it; off by factor of 10 as nrgsillie states...dialog and 3D window show different things?!?

    Yep, fairly simple once I understood the paradigm a tad better, nothing like Trial Del Fuego and help from MGeasey.... No DMX, just link the Geometry to the Attribute/Module. Also, I would assume that the way MA3 digests the 3DS files, it is always considered a 'single group/mesh/object' and any UV mapping would be resource intensive to keep track of bitmaps and UV coordinates for 3D Window render. We'll things develop with future versions.

    MA2 never handled bitmaps and Materials very well[did not share/instance Materials across Groupings utilizing same bitmaps]....I would not expect to see them render, perhaps later; I see MA3 as moving away from Ad hoc 3D hackdaggery...Hence my reflection; "Good-bye the Bugatti", trending into, "Hello,'Mini-Coop!'" I get a decent 60 FPS on any 3D Window, multiples as well at the same time--might be capped?? In MA2 3D I could get well into the 100's FPS....It will be some time, ihmo, before MA3[D] comes close to v3.7 MA3D, could make that engine do about anything I needed it to do, FTW! Now, sad clown face as I put around in a Mini-cooper....beep-beep!

    Good luck!

    Work Safely!!

    I tried to generate a GDTF 'environmental'/set model and that did not render when I Inserted the 'fixture'....

    Is it possible to outline the steps involved in achieving this result--Importing a 3DS file into GDTF FixtureBuilder and having it arrive as a 'fixture' fro the Environment/Scene. I'm assuming this is the paradigm now; all 3D assets are considered 'fixtures' as well? That is a whole new ball of melting wax....under the Hot Summer Suns of tomorrow and yesterday over how it was done in previous versions.


    MVR seems like a wonderful addition and useful for larger production layouts/previz...but 3.7K$ to bring in simple models for a small--midsize environments of Scenics in free software[onPC]--pretty restrictive??!! Or a base subscription[far more reasonable]?? MA2 was far more user-friendly to previz, at this moment, it seems.

    Thanks for any information on the process!