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    I have a eDMX1Pro and used a eDMX2Pro and both worked straight away, out of the box.

    I usually plug my computer and eDMX together, then booth up my computer, then open Dot2.

    Then press on Setup --> Network interface, and select the network you would like to use (local Area, or Ethernet).
    Then go Setup -->Network Protocols and make sure that the protocols are active and ticked in green. Wait a couple of seconds, then you should be able to control whatever is attached to your stream, if patched correctly.

    I occasionally use the wifi and router option for plotting, or specific circumstances (I have designed a show in a 70mt x 35mt carpark and was able to walk around to do a channel check and focus. The router was set up in the centre of the carpark).
    I totally agree the wifi option is not recommended for running shows.

    Hello there,
    I was wondering how to change a curve of a cue or how to change the curve in the patch?

    I am working on a show, and I have some LED (Ovation E 910 FC), and they come up very hard even at 1% or 2%.
    I would like to smooth the dimmer curve and was wondering if dot2 on pc has this feature.

    I have also tried to change the inbuilt curve setting on the fixture itself, but haven't found a satisfactory factory setting.


    I am in similar situation as you UWP1965, and I was wondering if I could use the MA showfile converter grandMA1 to grandMA2,(, and then read the MA2 file with the dot2?

    My understanding is that a showfiles created with MA2 could be loaded into a dot2, but some showfile features created with MA2 won't be loadable into a dot2.

    Will give it a go at some point and will let you know, the showfile that I would like to load into the dot2 is fairly simple in my case, all conventionals and one strobe.