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    So I'm fairly new to lighting, but so far I've had my go with a DOT2 mostly, and also touched in on the MA2.

    However, programming is something I'm quite used to!
    So, I know there is a MSC (MIDI Show Control) protocol for DOT2, and that works like a charm. I can easilly control faders, buttons and jump from cue to cue with MSC.
    Works just great to be honest. However...

    MIDI is somewhat oldschool, and usually requires software specific for that.
    UDP, TCP or OSC however is quite widespread when it comes to newer software and hardware (still some MIDI, but less and less).

    I've seen some posts about controlling DOT2 with OSC when searching around the web, but no real examples or documentation of it.
    Like this: Touch OSC
    So, is there an OSC option? Is there any other options? What's possible? Any other option than MSC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D