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    On my wishlist for upcomming software versions, is the posibility to create appearances pool objects with a macro. Kind of an autocreate for appearances, so I easily can get like 40 different colors in the appearances pool. Like I can do in MA2 with the predefined colors.

    Anyone having the same wish?

    I suppose I can make a workaround by manually creating all the appearances I want and then export/import them to another showfile. But an autocreate would be great.

    Hi guys! I have a related issue. When using ind.fade on some fixtures (maybe delay to but I haven’t checked), when I change values on those fixtures for my next look the fade layer automatically gets activated. If I forget to adress that, the next cue will get the same ind.fade values as the cue before.
    I suppose that’s a bug?

    And also related to that; when I’m in an active cue with ind.fade in it, then programmer time does not work. Actually the individual fade values gets forced to become a ”programmer time” of sorts, when I change the values on the attributes that where using that particular ind.fade time.

    You probably know of these bugs allready, but I still wanted to adress them. There quite problematic.

    Am I the only one that doesn't get MIB to work on certain fixture types? For example my Aura XB won't pre positionon on pan/tilt (only color does, I know on an rgb that's not tecnically a pre positioning but you know what I mean). On another sequence with the exact same settings I have Encore perf. They does there MIB just fine. I also tried the same thing with DL4S and they work just fine, so it doesn't seem to be a bug concerning additive color mixing.

    MA won't answer my email that I send regarding this issue in august (the problem stays the same in version 1.4), so perhaps any of you have run in to the same problem and also fixed it:-)