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    Hi Guys
    I make already this in a installation, work really cool and make a lot of fan, but take's a little moment to explain.
    switch off all your sequences, all values are at default

    I will create a color Phaser "game"

    create a preset for your "phaserColor"

    creating your seq:

    select your fixture and activate the color absolute value, change to relative and set the relativ to Zero, go back to absolute and with "off" and pressing the Relative values deactivate the absolute values.
    and a step 2.
    integrate your "phaser color"
    store all this to a new sequence.

    in the sequence settings set this sequence to high priority
    (this cannot be a preset first and must be stored direct to a sequence, as soon as you store this as a preset you will have absolut values in your step1)

    create other sequences with your "base" colors.

    in <3 with this phaser's.

    Hi NK "Nick"
    about your Circle with 3 groups. create one with all your fixture's. whit phase you can solve it and store it in your Position presets.
    this will help you , i'm pretty sure. FX can be stored as a preset. Cool thing to create your favorite moves and color FX.

    Predefined 1/3 macro and so on:
    store a exec. without any information in the programmer, just empty.
    edit the exec and go to the "CMD" and time there "interleave 1.3"
    set the exec as a "flash" button.


    Hi theresfaider

    to point 1:
    solution 1, connect the mouse t the console and do it there. (but this is not the best solution... ;) )
    select several cues, then press the "EDIT" button and after that press like with the mouse in your screen, time the new value and done.

    point 2:
    i don't know any way to do that. the main exec have some special rules.



    a small solution for MAtricks is the Shortcuts.
    Select a Group and Press NEXT
    after that, press and hold SET and press NEXT to have one of two, press ones again and get 1/3 ones again to have 1/4. Release the SET button.
    now press Next to have 2/4, ones again to have 3/4 and so on....

    with this Help i use to change the "Phase" of the Lamps in the Effects an have a Kind of MAtricks in the effects.
    and i feel very fast.

    Perhaps it helps you also.