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    Hi All,

    Is there a way to run a function every time the selected sequence is triggered Go+/Go-.

    I know that you can run the plugin in the CMD section of every single cue of the sequence, but I'm hoping there is a slightly more elegant way. Whether this be with handles, or hijacking the Go+/Go- buttons? Im trying to avoid having to right a second plugin that loops through the entire sequence to check to see if the correct string is in the CMD field.

    Is this something that is doable?


    This was exactly my next thought, just using the popup input via a button.

    But your example is so much more elegant than how I was planning on doing it!

    Thank you very much Andreas

    I recommend using "PropertyControl" UI object type then.

    return function ()
        local dialog = GetFocusDisplay().ScreenOverlay:Append('BaseInput')
        dialog.H, dialog.W = 100, 300
        local property_control = dialog:Append('PropertyControl') = CurrentProfile()

    Aahhh thats more of what I'm looking for.

    How would you go about assigning a custom list of properties for the dropdown? Ive been doing ':Dump()' on everything I can think of to try and disect the CurrentProfile() behaviour you have but with a table of item I have created.

    Exactly that!

    I have a feeling the functionality of the swipebutton might not be what i'm after then. seeing as it executes on change.

    Unless there is a way to make it behave like a dropdown?

    Hi All,

    Currently working in v1.9.7, and playing with the OSC output. I am trying to use the OSC output to send the current cues of sequences. This is something that MA3 does by default and have it working successfully with it registering and outputting the cue change when a playback is triggered.

    However, when a sequence is selected, the OSC output for that sequence lags behind. I have indentified this to be the OSC engine registering the button press (Go+, Go-, pause etc) and not the button release, as its the button release event that sends out the new cue number. This happens for all triggers from the master section, a macro or similar where the button release event doesn't happen.

    Is there a work around that solves this? Or should the functionality be updated to include the button release commands?