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    I don't.

    The idea is to find out the mathematical relation between all of the parameters (wings, groups, etc...) and understand how they behave in function of the others.

    And not to have to find out and set the width manualy every time I change Groups or Wings...

    Still don't have a solution for this.

    I have another issue, not exactly related, but almost :

    I want to call an object (a Matricks in this case) from a macro (not from a LUA for some reasons), using a part of text and a part of uservariable.

    Someting like this :

    SetUserVariable 'NumMatCustom' (MAtricks Custom Number?)

    Store MAtricks '''Custom' $NumMatCustom"

    Where 'Custom' in the second line would be a text already set, and 'NumMatCustom' would be the number I'll use for it.

    For exemple, if NumMatCustom = 12, the result I expect would be : Custom 12

    But impossible to find the right syntax...

    If somebody has an idea? :)

    Hi to all

    I'm working on a LUA where I try to copy the values of a Matricks I just modified on another one (merge or overwrite) already existing, to be used by a Recipe.

    When I try it using a macro (written by the LUA), nothing happends, but when I do it "by hand", entering each line of the macro in the command line, it works perfectly.

    And I can't understand why...

    Here is the macro content :

    Reset Selection MAtricks

    Set Selection MAtricks "PhaseToX" "360"

    Store MAtricks 'MatricksFx' /Merge (where "MatricksFx" is a Global Var already created and completed, I checked that it exists and has a value)

    Thanks to all by advance

    Hi to all

    I would like to retrieve the name of a Selection used in a Recipe in a Cue in a Sequence, in order to use the string later to give a name to another object.

    I tried this :

    local GroupName = Root().ShowData.DataPools.Default.Sequences[NumSeq][1][1].Selection;

    (For Sequence number "NumSeq", Cue 1, Recipe 1)

    But it doesnt works, message error tell me that I try to concatenate a table value when I try to use it later in the plugin, but I can't find the way to extract the Selection name (ie : the name of the group used in it).

    I tried to add ".Name" in almost every way possible, but still don't find the good one...

    Anybody would have an idea?

    Thanks by advance

    Thanks for your explanation, I tried several tests with differents XWing and XGroup values, and the result I get is : it works almost.

    I have a group of 42 fixtures (I used a not commun number on purpose to be sure of the result) and I try to play only with XWing :

    - XWing 2 : 100/21 -> 4.8%, but 5% (100/20) better, no gap.

    - XWing 3 : 100/14 -> 7.1% but 7.69% (100/13) better, no gap.

    - XWing 6 : 100/7 -> 14.3% but 16.6% (100/6) better, no gap.

    - XWing 8 : 100/5.25 -> 19% but 20% (100/5) better, no gap.

    - XWing 13 : 100/3.23 -> 31% but 20% (100/5) better, no gap.

    - XWing 19 : 100/2.21 -> 45.2% but 33.3% (100/3) better, no gap.

    - XWing 28 : 100/1.5 -> 66.7% but 100% better, no gap.

    So I always have to correct the width but I don't inderstand which rule I have to follow.

    Now I try to play with XGroup :

    - XGroup 2 : 100/2 -> 50%.

    - XGroup 3 : 100/3 -> 33.3% but 50% (100/2) better, no gap.

    - XGroup 5 : 100/5 -> 20% but 25% (100/4) better, no gap.

    - XGroup 7 : 100/7 -> 14.28% but 16.6% (100/6) better, no gap.

    - XGroup 13 : 100/13 -> 7.69% but 8.3% (100/12) better, no gap.

    So it seems that I have to substract 1 to each XGroup value to have the right Width.

    I didnt't try for real melting XGroup and XWing as I'd like to understand first how each of both values influence the Width.

    Is it the normal behavior? Do you agree with the results I found?

    Hi to all

    I try to understand the rule of the width setting when I want to make a dimmer chase phaser (each light at full 1 by 1).

    I understood that without any XWing or XGroup, the rule is : 100 / "Number of fixtures".

    But when I change XWing, I can't understand how it works. For every different value I try to put in XWing, I have to find a new Width value.

    Also I think I found how it works when I put a value on XGroup, but even if it seems to work, it seems a little weird : 100 / (XGroup - 1) :/

    Somebody would have the solution for this? Like a formula just to apply?

    Thanks by advance

    Yes, on the onPC session, I can make the setting, but it doesn't make effect in the remote view. I'm using the same user, page changes and whatever I do (programming) is well shared between the 2 sessions. But not this setting... Would it be the GMA light hardware which make a conflict?

    As I'm displaying in my remote screen 3 with a grandMA light, would it be the issue? And the only solution would be to import the show in a grandMA full size, configure the display, and hope that, even in a GMA light, the same issue doesn't appear?

    No other solution, without a GMA full size, available?

    I had a look in the screenconfig menu and options and didn't see if I could resolve my problem there, did I miss something?o

    Hi to all

    I have an issue with my remote on firefox. I'm used to display screen 3 on it. It always worked well but today when I switch on screen 3 in the control bar, the same control bar disappears and I can't make it appear again...

    Somebody would have an idea?

    Thanks by advance

    Thanks for the link, a good mine of informations which I didn't know...

    I used the string.sub function which is perfect for what I need, I could check that the annoying character was thrown away, but impossible to convert the result in a number.

    If I use the tonumber operator, it says that I "attempt to concatenate a nil value (local 'PhaseToX')", and without tonumber it reach the moment where I try to substract PhaseFromX from PhaseToX and says that I "attempt to sub a 'string' with a number'"

    Here is the code :

    local PhaseToX = ShowData().DataPools.Default.PresetPools[22][188][1].PhaseToX
    Printf("PhaseToX = "..PhaseToX)
    if (PhaseToX ~= 0) then
    PhaseToX = string.sub(PhaseToX, 1, -2)
    Printf("PhaseToX2 = "..PhaseToX)
    PhaseToX = tonumber(PhaseToX)
    Printf("PhaseToX3 = "..PhaseToX)

    All runs well until I try to print PhaseToX3.

    Here are the results of the prints :

    PhaseToX = 360°

    PhaseToX2 = 360

    PhaseToX3 = 360 with tonumber or fail without.

    Can't understand why the conversion string into number doesn't work...

    You were right, this bloody 'P' that I forgot was the issue! :D Thanks!!

    But now, as I can follow on my programming, I'm stuck in front another problem I don't know how to solutionate :

    To make it short I want to calculate the total phase doing a substraction : PhaseToX - PhaseFromX.

    In this case : 360 - 0.

    The problem is that the value "0" is diplayed like this but the 360 is displayed "360°".

    The degree unit "°" is added on the no-null values, so the substraction can't be done. I tried to transform it with Tonumber, but it doesn't work.

    Is there a way to select only a part of a string? In this case something like "Just the 3 first digits" or "Not the ultimate digit"?

    It would be really usefull for me for an other plugin where I'll need to retrieve the name of the group used in the recipe.

    But the value field seems to be : Default.Group."GroupName", so I would need to extract just "GroupName", and ignore "Default.Group."

    Is there a way to do that?

    Thanks a lot! :)

    Hi Andreas

    I tried it, but still not working.

    I have a printf line : "printf("PhaseFromX = "..PhaseFromX)" just after to check if the value is correct, but always have an error saying "attempt to call a nil value".

    I tried to convert the value retrieved before printing it, but the same error appears :

    local PhaseFromX = math.floor(tonumber(ShowData().DataPools.Default.PresetPools[22][188][1].PhaseFromX))

    I can't understand where the issue comes from...