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    Hi everyone,

    For some time I have been using my DIY ‘command wing’. It relies on keyboard shortcuts to communicate with MA3. As most of you know MA3 automatically turns off keyboard shortcuts when they are ‘not necessary’. I would like to actually turn off this system in order to for example exit the patch menu using shortcuts.

    Do you have any suggestions how this functionality can be turn off or a proposal for a certain workaround?

    Thanks in advance!


    People who are interested in the DIY build:

    DIY: GrandMA3 Command Wing - Build Guide by Nathan_I3
    Last Update: 09-02-2024 Note: It is advised to use longer bolts for the encoder mount. Instead of 12mm use 20mm. This is a draft version. If anything is…

    After some troubleshooting and help from you and Reddit, I have narrowed it down to VLAN option on my switch. The manual recommends to use separated VLAN's for each MA-net3. When enabling the VLAN option and putting all the ports in one VLAN the problem is gone. Thanks for everyone’s help!

    Hi everyone, Normally I am not really a topic starter, but this time I could not find anything related to the problem I'm experiencing at this moment. I use a MA3 2port onPC node that is connected to a Windows 10 pc running GrandMA3

    When I change something in the patch or load a difference showfile, I occasionally get a loading bar showing: 'Show data negotiation (master) : 1 of 1' and 'Waiting for NetworkNode ( 'onPC-2Port-0171') : 1 of 1'. The message does not disappear, until the software has been restarted. This message is especially easy to reproduce by connecting a second onPC device to the session and loading a different show on that device.

    I already have reinstalled the MA software on both the PC and the node (incl formatting). Although the software version is the problem is also present in I am using because of the shortcut bug in

    I hope some of you have an idea to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!