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    Hallo Lutz,

    Ich habe dein Problem nicht versucht zu reproduzieren, komme jetzt aber mit einem Vorschlag, wie du deine Active Geschichte anders aufrollen könntest:

    Ich arbeite bei genau der Geschichte mit Appearances. Du kannst einem Cue eine bestimmte Appearance geben, die, sollte der Cue aktiv sein, auch die Appearance der Sequence ist. Das spart Macrozeilen und kann auch wesentlich übersichtlicher sein, weil du dann beispielsweise aktiv rot und inaktiv weiß machen kannst. Nachteil ist, dass man dann für jeden Button mindestens zwei Appearances erstellen muss, was ein showfile sehr groß werden lassen kann (ich bin mittlerweile bei ca 20mb für mein Masterfile).

    Is am Ende aber eine Geschmacksache, ich muss zugeben, ich finde deine bisherige Lösung auch sehr elegant

    Then i would recomand following structure:

    Create a Plugin, with the macroLine:

    NUMBER_OF_MACRO = the Number of that specific Macro, musst be inserted in the Commandline.

    Plugin "HDPlugin" "NUMBER_OF_MACRO"

    The you use following code in the Plugin "HDPlugin" for your main function (the function that gets returnd by calling the Plugin)

    return function (display,MacroNo)

         variableSelection = UserVars() 
        local MacroName = DataPool().Macros[tonumber(MacroNo)].name

    --- Here starts your actual code

    You could start your next Plugin with the Plugin HDPlugin. Just Use this code:

    Cmd("Plugin "..MacroName)

    There is also a way to call the Plugin directly with LUA code, but iam not into that topping, maybe there is somebody else how knows the right command.

    Is that what you want to archieve?

    I would not recommend to use and define a lot of global variables, the reason for it is mentioned here:

    Okay, so you use your Macro to get the last element off a path, that ends on your computer?

    So first here is a reason why the plugin might not work for you. It sounds like u searched for the Name of the Macro by inputing its Name. That is not possible because there is the function "tonumber()" that i used to make the input of the Plugin into an Intager to get the right macro. So you have to use the Macro Number to get the name. If you want to use the name just remove the "tonumber()" function.

    But there is a nother way to get what you want. It sounds like you would always trigger the same Plugin (HDPlugin()). So you could use code in the Plugin to get the name from the Macro. If you use the same macro all the time you could use this code in thr LuaPlugin "HDPlugin()"

    I would recommend to use the number of the Macro to get its Name, not the name of it. So say, you stored your Macro on MacroSlot 5 use the following code inside your Plugin to get the name of Macro Nr. 5

    local macroName = DataPool().Macros[5].name

    Does that solves your problem?

    If you are used to LUA Plugins, that post could help you

    May 11, 2020 at 5:01 PM

    Thank you jfarrow .

    In my case the command “List“ works until “ShowData().UserProfiles.Default.views.Show[6]“.

    But After changing the Destonation to “ShowData().UserProfiles.Default.views.Show[6][1]“ the commandline history shows: “Ok: ChangeDesination 1“ and the commandline shows the correct path. But “List“ is not returning anything.

    Thank you Ahuramazda , that helped me a lot.:love:

    Next question:

    Is it posible to Print all Attributes off a path?

    I have the Path:

    local objekt = ShowData().UserProfiles.Default.views.Show[6][1]

    Is the vaiable “objekt“ now a list?

    (I used [6][1] for “WindowLayoutView.LayoutViewSettings“ because there are 6 LayoutView-Windows in the view “Show“ and renaming the objects make them disapear from the view)

    I want to Change the Layout on that specific LayoutViewer. But “ShowData().UserProfiles.Default.views.Show[6][1].Layout“ returns a nil value.
    What am i doing wrong?

    Hello Guys,

    A few months ago i switched from using Macros to LUA Plugins because LUA is mutch more powerful and faster in executing than Macros. I also begun to set velues with ShowData()……. = NEWVALUE

    i‘m often strugeling finding the right path to a specific Object. I know, that you can use “ChangeDestination“ and “List“ to find the Objects Path, but sometimes Iam not able to find the correct Path.

    Is there any documentation about the MA3 Structure?


    Iam Not realy familiar with GrandMa2, but i found this in the gdtf Forum:

    Importing MVR to grandaMA2
    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to import the data from an MVR file created in Vectorworks into the grandMA2. Thank you.

    this could be also important:

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    Hallo Michi,

    Ja, an dem File ist was nicht richtig eingestellt. Ich habe jetzt ein bisschen getrickst:

    Unter Patch - Fixture Type das Fixture editiert.

    • Den tatsächlichen Dimmer auf Default 255 gesetzt (No. 10(1))
    • Den tatsächlichen Dimmer bei Attribute auf "NoFeature" gestellt

    Dann greift nämlich der virtuelle Dimmer, den es für die 3 Instanzen gibt. Bei mir im OnPC hat es dann zumindestens funktioniert.

    So sieht die Edit Ansicht des Fixtures aus mit den Veränderungen (siehe No. 10(1))

    Hello Guys,

    Iam wondering if it is possible to get the State off a Sequence in Lua. I‘am not shure if „State“ is the right name for what Iam looking for, so here is what I want to do.

    I want to create a Go+ Button, using LUA Plugin, that triggers all Executors that are in the „Load“ State.

    If you know an easier way to archiev this Let me know.