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    When I have a command in a cue, and that sequence and cue is played back via timecode the command does not trigger. Is there a setting I might be missing?
    When I GO+ through the sequence by itself everything works fine, and the command test works as intended as well.
    Apologies if this is a known bug, in the (relatively quick) look through various groups/pages/forums i didnt see anything similar to this.

    Thanks :)

    Is there any syntax or LUA script to affect the Link option for Fade/Delay times?

    Im trying to have a macro that will "update" (store /m) delay presets (0.* All Presets) on the fly and would like to avoid calling each and every presettype and applying the desired timing 6 times per preset i want to store.
    When manually going through the steps below the delay will apply to all presettypes as expected, but even if i leave it on Link All and do the exact same (minus changing the link setting) through a macro it only stores the currently selected pressettype.
    -Group 1
    -go to delay layer
    -Link All
    -delay 1

    my current, failing, macro that only affects the selected presettype looks like this

    Blindedit on
    Group 1
    delay 1 (this is actually a variable that changes, which is why i want to be able to update on the fly during show, and thus my want for as small a macro as possible)
    filter "Value Times Only"
    store preset 0.1 /m
    Blindedit off

    Incase that messy explanation didnt make sense, I want to apply a delay time to all pressettypes via a macro in as few lines as possible.
    Any ideas are much appreciated!! Thanks in advanced :)