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    I am trying to come up with a way to group a bunch of individual Pixel LED's into a single fixture for some phaser effects and to program as a single fixture. I also want to keep the individual pixels separate for other effects and times i need to use them independently. The LED's are surrounding multiple different sized squares on a scenic element.

    I have seen lots of people talk about the generic fixture type "grouping" in the patch and using it to organize and control groups of fixtures as one. This works perfectly for what I am wanting to do as it gives me a single instance "fixture" to control all those pixels, but if i want to grab individual pixels i can.

    The problem i am running into is, those grouping fixtures don't seem to go into the phaser editor. They work with all general programing, intensity and color, but not editable in the phaser.

    Any ideas whould be super helpful! I may be approaching this totally wrong as well. Maybe there is another fixture or something i can use that would work better for this. I started to make a custom fixture, but 50 pixels is a lot to make in gdtf-share editor, including all the virtual dimmer channels it requires.

    Here is a little video showing this.

    Thank you!

    Is there a way to re-number fixtures based on their selection order?

    I have a few hundred Chauvet Festoons and I patched them and laid them out in a layout, but now I want to give them all new fixture numbers so they are in order how they are hanging. Is there a way to re-number them based on selection?