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    there is an onPC system in a venue i work in, where sometime after updating to version 1.9 the program stopped allowing itself to be shutdown.

    not through the x button on the title bar, not through the shutdown menu, and not through the windows task manager (in the case of the latter, the program closes and boots back right away).

    restarting the computer didn't help, not even the re-installing the program.

    i suspect this has something to do with a setting protecting the program from crashes.

    any input would be appreciated.

    Lol, fair enough.

    What are you finding "broken" about this? I am able to select fixtures, transpose, apply values, and then store a new preset which retains the transposed selection grid arrangement.

    try the following steps in the demo show:

    select fixture 201 + 201 (from the led wall)
    with next give them different colors
    press set
    transpose the selction
    store in color preset (store mode selective or pool set to selective, same result for me)
    clear clear clear and then call it (two taps)
    my result is both fixtures on x axis

    No worries. If you think you may have found a bug, perhaps it might be easier to contact your local distributor and discuss it in your native language to make sure everyone is clear on the details.

    i work for my local distributer :) let me try to make it clear:
    after changing gridpos with the transpose functionally (Interchange x and y) storing in to selective presets is broken. this has caused my confusion.

    Hold [Set] and press [Next]/[Prev]

    You do not need to have created a Group to make a MAgic preset. The MAgic preset has GridPos information stored into it for a few fixtures, and then uses that information to interpolate values for whatever other fixtures of the same fixture type you have selected, in their current selection grid arrangement. The steps you are talking about I will agree sound very convoluted, to the point where I'm not sure I'm following them fully, which makes me think that there is some early step you're missing to make this work as expected.

    sorry about english. i edited my post maybe it makes things clear. i can understand it's fair to assume that most likely the problem is with my workflow or knowledge of the system, however i'm pretty sure i just found a small bug with the transpose functionality.
    thank you for you reply and especially with the nextY thing!

    Here's exactly what I did in the Demo Show to make the screengrab I attached in the previous reply:

    1. Fixture 201+202
    2. Tap in the Selection Grid underneath 201, or execute "Grid 0/1"
    3. Fixture 203+204
    4. Use Next/Prev and NextY/PrevY, or the MAtricks overlay / editor to step through each of the 4 fixtures and give them a different color (in the example picture, 201 = red, 202 =green, 203 = blue, 204 = white)
    5. Store Preset 4.x /Selective
    6. EditSetting Preset 4.x and enable {MAgic}
    7. Recall the LED Tiles group (bring to full) and apply Preset 4.x

    1: how do i use the nextY prevY keyword? have not seen this yet
    2: i have played with it quite a bit since i posted the above post and i can say that the y axis works, but it is also a bit broken which is why i thought it doesn't work. i now find that grid information doesn't get stored into selective presets when it isn't stored into a group first. but when it is stored into a group first, i couldn't figure out the pattern, but it only works some of the time. the only way i found to consistently get it to work is to store selective preset, turn it into a magic preset (with out this step it doesn't work!), then call it with the original selection of the fixtures that were used to create the magic preset, then edit the selection grid by transposing the selection and then storing it as a selective preset. only then it works regularly. could it be because i used transpose and you used the blue square to set the slection grid?

    Edit: yes! i now checked and saw and the when creating the grid with the blue square it works! this also explains the variance i had when using groups before.. i can't say why it works with transpose after getting the selection from the magic preset but not anything else.
    the reason i used transpose is because i didn't know about nextY/prevY. is there a way to get the keyword without typing it?

    is it possible to align values on any axis other than the x?

    i thought i could i could it with MAgic presets but it seem like i can't store grid information other than x axis in selective presets!!

    is this bug, or a yet to be implemented feature?

    currently i find no use to the y and z axis other effects and dynamic timings. is this the case?

    trying to write a plugin to apply the global cue fade value to the preset specific timings in the same cue.

    if this is not possible to get the value of the selected cue then what is the way to do the same with a specific cue??
    maybe i didn't phrase it correctly.. all i need is a way to get that value in to the lua code so i can use it later as a variable in a cmd i already wrote...

    i am very much a beginner, so maybe there is something i'm missing, so if anyone can provide insight on the subject i'll be very grateful.