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    Is this possible? Potentially.. with caveats...

    So a couple of things to consider:

    • Does the MA3 that would be connecting to the API have a route to get there? IE same Network / IP subnet etc..
      • I can't speak to any sort of issues that might arise if that API is on the internet and what that means for your MA3 network..
    • Assuming the API is HTTPS and not HTTP, you might need additional libraries. Which can be easily brought in as additional lines in a plugin.
      • Seems like there are a few good HTTPS and OAuth Libraries out there for Lua
    • If it is regular old HTTP, then those libraries are built into the desk.
    • If you haven't yet, look into Lua coroutines so as not to block the desk UI which executing those API requests.
    • I know there are probably other issues, but there are potential hiccups in every step of the process.

    Side note, have you looked into have an intermediary script (python / node.js / etc..) do all the heavy lifting where libraries and extensibility are more readily available?

    I've found that offloading complex tasks (that in theory Lua on MA3 could do) has made my life and the stability of various systems better.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Bitfocus' Companion has an external HTTPS request module as well? and Companion can communicate with MA3 over OSC.

    Here's a couple of examples:

    For Changing sACN Output:

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN" Property "Out" "Yes"

    - or -

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN" Property "Out" "No"

    For Changing sACN Input:

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN" Property "In" "Yes"

    - or -

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN" Property "In" "No"

    For Changing a specific slot of sACN configuration:

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN".1."Name of Slot" Property "Enabled" "Yes"

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN".1."Name of Slot" Property "LocalUniverse" "1"

    Assuming your slots are named "Output to Rig Universe 1", "Output to Rig Universe 2", etc... one can also throw in a Wildcard Character if you need to change more than one slot at a time:

    Set Root "DeviceConfigurations"."DMXProtocols"."SACN".1."Output to Rig Universe*" Property "Enabled" "Yes"

    Other Properties can be found by executing:

    CD Root DeviceConfigurations.DMXProtocols.sACN.1; List

    The Column headers in white are the additional properties that can be set.

    Be sure to do: CD Root after you're done looking for things!

    Hope this helps!



    I'm banging my head against a wall with this one.

    Is is possible to only clone an attribute from a set of fixture to another?

    Example being only cloning "ColorRGB_W" from a source set of fixture to another set of fixtures.

    I would expect it to be

     Clone Group X Attribute "ColorRGB_W" at Group Y If Sequence A thru B

    But that isn't seeming to work / having weird results.