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    To be sure check your fixture sheet, here you can see exactly what is running where.

    But I mainly just wanted to let you know that the Robe Tetra2 fixture profiles are a pain in the butt every day of the week, mode 2 or 3, it's not you dude.

    (pain level 2 = operating this fixture in full mode with 2 different operators using different color balls!)

    If you want to use it for different pool items you can store a globalvariable, thats a nice way to change the name later.

    CMD: SetGlobalVariable "labelstuff" "Dim"

    You can then use:

    CMD: Label group 1 $labelstuff

    CMD: Label preset 1.1 $labelstuff

    CMD: Label sequence 1 $labelstuff

    Is there any (non-LUA) workaround for this by now..? (

    I also have a hard time with how the phaser speeds works. It used to be much easier.. now it gives me a headache!

    It is not a problem when programming a show, but it is when touring with a show and using different amounts of fixtures every day.

    The need to adjust the steps of the phasers is just too much work.

    Also when I move a speedmaster to 240BPM the speed goes crazy fast in a non-linear way.

    I was hoping to use mode 3 for the next tour, but looks like I will stick to mode 2, again...

    The white attribute is not in the Universal fixture, I guess because some fixtures have it and some don't, or have Lime, UV, Amber etc instead..

    Is there a negative aspect of adding all these to the universal FIXTURE if you only use them at 100 or 0 for Universal color presets?

    Also, there is no WHITE fader in the color picker anymore, I miss that.

    Reminds me of a problem with a bad connection on the GMA2.. I also tested the cables and they seemed fine..

    Did you also try and replace them?

    It's also worth checking your physical connectors for dust & clean contacts.

    Let me know if you find out what it is!

    I keep some fixtures in storage in the patch for later use but when doing this the attributes are getting out of control.

    It is not really efficient to press the Beam tab so many times and searching through unused attributes.

    Any way to hide these? I tried to filter with Stages, Class, Worlds, no fixture ID and no patch but they still show up.

    Feature request: It would be nice these do not show up when a fixture has no fixture ID assigned.

    Yeah tried that..

    Making it 100 and 1100 is new for me but does the exact same thing indeed.

    Seems like the problem is you need to play with the With of the steps when you change the amount of fixtures of the phaser..

    How do you guys achieve this when programming a tour where one day you have 5 fixtures and the next 12?

    For touring and busking it makes more sense to create this as a phaser then a sequence.

    I can't believe I actually have to put so much time into this but here goes:

    The basic effect I want to achieve: chase effect

    Failing with the imported predefined universal chase phaser preset: bad phaser

    The first video is what I want. Made with a sequence, set to act as a good old Chase with cues set to time 1 and using rate and a speed master.

    Missing the chase function by the way.. and also the looping option in sequences!

    The second is my miserable attempt to make the same with a phaser.. :| Is the matricks phase part the thing I do wrong?

    Thank you for enlightening me..

    Exactly the same as the mokaByls, the most basic chase effect:

    step 1 @ 100%

    step 2 @ 0%

    equally divided between whatever fixtures you have selected.

    no transistion fade, or Accel and Decel, no ramp, no 2 or 3 fixtures on, just the most basic chase effect

    I'm trying to make a few universal phasers to use while programming.

    This was easy with the Scancommander, GMA1 and GMA2.. so I must be missing something too..? :/

    Thx Andreas, I was hoping Lua was something I would not need to learn..

    For now I'm not willing to type something in I do not fully understand yet, will need to learn it first, I'll keep your syntax line for later!

    For anyone wanting to do the same, a trick someone told me is to use a group that has a grid selection and then assigning the fixtures in the layout, they will be assigned to the layout like they are in the grid. Seems like X0 and Y0 is in the center of this selection.