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    Hi Sanady,

    hard to believe, but with the downgrade to 22.5.1 it actually worked. I hope that MA will follow suit at some point, because since the PC also functions as a gaming PC for me, it is not optimal to keep on old drivers .

    Thanks for all your support.

    I'm really looking forward to getting to grips with GrandMA3.



    I have now tried different old video card drivers and unfortunately still the same problem. Are you sure I don't have some wrong setting in GrandMA? Because as you can see in the video, everything is always displayed completely correctly at the beginning.

    Don't know if I can ask a local distributor. I don't have any hardware myself and will probably never be able to afford one and I'm more or less a schoolboy with a passion for lighting design.

    Hi together,

    I am unfortunately a complete MA3 beginner and am already failing with the conversion from grandMA2 onPC to MA3 onPC.

    I am an amateur and taught myself how to use MA2 out of passion for your job.

    When I load the demo show, I get all the beams displayed normally in the 3D viewer and everything runs as expected. As soon as I change my view and for example select another view option, my beams and spots disappear irresistibly when I go back to the 3d view. No matter how much I adjust the 3d view settings (beam 400% etc.) I can't change anything. Recorded the whole thing in a short video and would be extremely grateful for help.

    Bug Screencast

    Thanks for the feedback and best regards