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    Hey Team, I'm a MA2 boy, and first time operating on a 3, my usual set up is to use the Exec Button Page for my busking, but the closest thing I'm finding on here is the Playback page, am I missing a page where you can just assign Virtual buttons, and thats the whole page?


    Hi team, two questions;

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a syntax for building effects, e.g. Store Effect Dim At Speed Master 3 Wings 2? No particular reason, but just curious since I haven't been able to see anything.

    And I was wondering if there was a specific Syntax to import effects, or other Importable data, like Macros.

    I have a few plugins, macros and effects I import every single time I operate (my showfile or someone venues) and would love to make one single macro that imports them without having to do it myself every time,


    Hey hey,

    I was wondering if there's a way to write a macro that has a set name, that I can reuse for different pools, for example, if I wanted a macro that just named things "Dim"

    I've tried:

    - Label "Dim" @

    - Label Dim @

    - Assign /name="Dim" @

    and a couple other variations.

    I know that

    -Label ExecButton1 1.101

    works so I'm confused where my error is,


    Hey there,

    So usually I make a macro with "Assign Toggle @" and that means that I can then press the macro and then press any ExecButton afterwards and it turns it into a toggle, However the other night I had to make the "OFF time" 0.2 seconds for a whole bunch of sequences.

    I know I can do this relatively easily through selecting each sequence, exiting, then changing the OFF time there, however thats really time consuming and something I do around 40 times every show, So I tried to Build another Macro Using @, but didnt have any luck.

    I know that the Syntax "Assign Executor x.y /offtime=0.2" works when I write x=1, y=101 ect, but when I tried to write "Assign Executor @ /offtime=0.2" I had no luck, Anyone know if theres a way to Write that macro?

    PS. not all of my Sequences have an OFF time of 0.2 so if there is a way to change my defualts that isnt the solution Im looking for, but would also like to know, cheers!!

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyway to Autobuild groups based of the patching through Lua/Command Line?

    For example, I do my patching "All MH5's", "All Quantum's", ect, and I know that you can use "AutoCreate" in the settings window, but Id love to know if theres a way to code it, so I can automate it to select "Fixture Type 1, Create All" through Lua.

    I know it only takes a few clicks but Would love to Automate it