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    The question is....what is behind Channel 2. Do you have a fixture assigned or is the channel a grouping fixture? If its a grouping fixture, the clone dialog doesn't look down. If its an ordinary channel fixture (used mostly with dimmer only), then i would select the dimmer only cause you cannot for sure clone attributes which are not present.

    Thanks for your quick response!

    I didn't use grouping fixtures fixtures but you are right, I tried cloning a Moving Light on a single Dimmer (or the other way round). Though I didn't know it doesnt look down with grouped fixtures, thanks for the hint! I tried it, even cloning one-to-one with identical fixtures shows this issue, when the other fixture has only a channel ID-type.

    It works nicely when typed manually in the command line or in a macro, it's just about the Clone Dialog.


    First post here, I hope I didn't miss a thread handling this issue already. A quick search didn't pop up that topic.

    Just noticed that cloning does not work the way expected if using the Clone-Dialog when using different fixture IDs. For instance I tried cloning Channel 2 to Fixture 1 with the following input:

    Clone Channel 2 At Fixture 1

    Next, the Clone-Dialog pops up where you can refine what exactly to clone. I choose "All Items To All" and hit the "Clone Selected Objects"-Button. Then the Command Line History aborts the action, saying:

    Illegal source list:Clone At Fixture 1 If Sequence Thru + Preset Thru + World Thru + Layout Thru

    It works fine when entering the syntax by hand, it just seems like the dialog does not create the correct syntax (in this case "Clone Channel 2 At Fixture 1...."). If I try to clone from Fixture 1 to Channel 2 it seems to also not insert the target ("Clone Fixture 1 At Channel 2.... ") into the syntax. It looks like a problem with Channel-ID types. It works, cloning Fixture to Fixture. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance!